Restless Earth

Tara Wright
18th April 2019
Restless earth volcanoes earthquakes tsunamis lessons

Lesson plans, activities and revision materials to support your teaching of restless earth in geography

The topic restless earth is taught to geography learners at both KS3 and KS4. Understanding the causes of natural distasters as well as the short and long term impacts these can have on communities is a significant and engaging part of the geography syllabus.

To help speed up the planning process, we have put together a selection of restless earth resources focusing on natual disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

KS3 Resources

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Powerpoints relating to the topic Earthquakes and Volcanoes, including; The structure of the Earth Plate boundaries Earthquakes Case studies Structure of a volcano More to follow
By wealj002

Earthquakes Read and Apply Activity

Earthquakes Read and Apply Activity

A great activity that includes reading comprehension and application! Many students these days have a terribly difficult time comprehending nonfiction & informational text - textbooks, websites, articles etc. This product offers a more simple option for students to read, apply, and comprehend what they read - This is a GREAT tool to help your students overcome the obstacle of comprehending science text. These "Read & Apply" products are designed to cover ONE basic science topic per lesson for students to build a solid foundation before moving to the next topic & building that "house of knowledge" on the foundation.

This product contains:

- 1 short reading passage
- 1 application activity
- 1 writing prompt that goes along with the passage
- Photo example/answer key

Each reading passage is simple & not overwhelmingly long like textbooks are. Students can listen to you read, read silently, in partners, or in small groups highlighting important words and concepts as they go. The students then apply what they read with an activity & responding to a writing prompt.

Don't use interactive notebooks??? Just use colored paper!! Glue the passage to one side and have the students do the interactive activity on the other! Can easily be 3-hole punched to put in a binder, hung on the wall, or slide into a folder!!

This product would best fit with 4th-6th graders, but would be GREAT for a 7-8 grade remediation reading class or special ed! Would also be a great option for differentiation if you have just a few students in your class that are having a difficult time with their grade level text that you already use.
By Jessica Smith

Earthquake Survival

Differentiated objectives and resources, a variety of learning activities, good scaffold resources with a clear development for progression. A really enjoyable lesson.
By T. C Hunterson

Volcano and Earthquake Full Scheme of Work

A full Scheme of work with differentiated assessment and mark scheme. Written for KS3 SEN students, the SOW could be easily adapted for KS2. 10 colourful and animated PowerPoints, with worksheets and teacher notes, this SOW is easy to follow and engaging for all learners.

All lessons come with learning objectives, success criteria, activity worksheets, starters and plenaries. At the end of the unit there is an assessment, and a differentiated assessment.

For this Scheme of Work students will need access to an Atlas and a laptop.

By jillyjones1987

Volcano: Create a Labelled Diagram

A differentiated resource for producing a labelled diagram of a volcano. There are two main versions of this activity, but both of them require the information cards. These can be printed out and placed around the room.

The first version is an all in one A4 sheet that has the diagram and labels that can be cut out and stuck on. This is better suited to lower ability students, they can find out where the parts are by looking at the information around the room.

The second version requires the diagram with no labels. Students have to collect the information from around the room and write it on their diagram. I run this as a memory game, giving students two rules: they can only write on their diagram at their desk, and they cannot move the information sheets.
By ineedtoteachthat

KS3 Restless Earth

A complete scheme of work for Restless Earth topic for 2016.
By phippspc

GCSE lessons and revision resources

Restless Earth

Activities and information to support GCSE pupils through the Restless Earth topic.
By colettecraig

GCSE Shield and Composite Volcanoes

This lesson introduces the differences between shield and composite volcanoes.
Case studies are applied to examples around the world.
Explanations of how each are formed and at what plate boundary.
GCSE exam practice.
By joshcarmody

The Restless Earth Revision

This resource helps students to revise tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes.
By dskeen

Restless Earth AQA A Geography

Revision sheet for The Restless Earth module designed to fit with AQA A Geography specification. This sheet was created to encourage building of revision notes at home for unenthusiastic C-D students! It is designed to be printed on A4 paper.

BUNDLE DEAL! This resource is part for a series of resources which you can buy as a bundle. Please see my other resources. You can download the weather and climate revision resource for free.

Please comment and rate to let me know what you think and if there could be any improvements
By seasthemoment

The Restless Earth Case Study Revision Cards

Revision postcards for GCSE Geography AQA A The Restless Earth. Includes case study overview cards for: Montserrat volcanic eruption, Alps fold mountains, Haiti 2010 LEDC earthquake, Christchurch MEDC earthquake, Yellowstone supervolcano and Japan 2011 tsunami. Postcards include example exam questions.
By atoorneini

Restless Earth Revision Workbook

GCSE AQA Geography: Restless Earth Workbook
By spenney456

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