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I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the more than 700 of you who have purchased this display pack! I hope your classrooms look gorgeous!

This is a complete 200+ page pack of a number of classroom displays that I have developed over the last couple of years to invigorate my department. Two updated booster packs have already been added.

Original Display Pack:

- Philosophers and Religious Figures Timeline (Over 40 thinkers with pictures, dates and outlines of their thinking).
- Famous quote callouts to add along the timeline (one for almost every philosopher). Get students talking!
- Custom-made colourful lettering for timeline eras.
- Over 20 ethical and philosophical questions in colourful speech bubbles to inspire thinkers in your classroom (A great one for open-evenings or tutor time discussions!)
- Steps/Levels display with optional number arrows. Department levels policy documents included.
- 'How to' guides for all displays.

June/July Booster Pack:

- Philosophical Language Literacy Display with sentence starters for knowledge/explanation and assessment/evaluation.
- Agree --> Disagree continuum signposts to make human bar charts in your classroom!
- Blooms thinking guidance for teachers with question prompts. Great for shrinking and sticking on desks or displaying at the back of the room.

Sept/Oct Booster Pack:

- A raft of additional thinkers to give greater flexibility to the Philosopher Timeline across exam boards.
- Quotes for every new thinker of course!

All updates continue to be free.


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    I have put up the philosophical language display and I plan to use the time line. An amazing time saver.

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    user avatarJibbut17 days agoreport

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    user avatarGHHST2a month agoreport

    fantastic resource but I don't know why it didn't let me have the discount as a first time buyer - system seemed to think I have bought something before - never knowingly! The full price is more than fair, however,

    • user avatartoddbeamishReply from Authora month ago

      Hi GHHST2,
      I’m really glad you’re happy with the resource. If there was an issue for you with the charging I can only suggest you contact the help desk directly, they’re always very helpful when I get in touch and might be able to resolve your query.

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    user avatarbeardemmya month agoreport

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