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Nicola Davison and Heather Charles
21st June 2018
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Five top-rated resources to help you make form time valuable for both you and your students

Making form time count is no mean feat. Once your charges have finally settled down into their own version of your seating plan and the register is done, you have mere minutes before the bell rings to signal the beginning of the next lesson. 

But on those occasions when you do get to spend a bit of time with your tutor group, why not make the most of it? Well-planned activities can encourage teamwork, creative thinking and help you get to know your form. So why not get started with this collection of some of the best-reviewed activity ideas on Tes?

Tutor time activity pack

What is it?  A compendium of activities and tasks to give consistency to daily and weekly tutor group routines.

Users say… Great bundle - our class start off every day with one of these - the kids are always interested in whether each day has a special meaning and love the puzzles. They all ask if they can come to the front to be the one who cracks the codes or works out the anagrams. Really fun for them. Thanks! (mrscprimary)

Tutor time: PSHE / Tutor Time

September 2018-July 2019! In this price you will get a WHOLE YEAR of Tutor Time resources (for 2018) as they are released on a monthly basis. NOVEMBER JUST ADDED!!
New Year : The Tutor Time 2018 Bundle
The first instalment is the MARCH RESOURCE NOW ADDED. It includes...
This Tutor Time resource is FULLY INTERACTIVE. It also contains music and timers
It contains a range of different tasks that can be completed during Tutor Time. If this is used throughout the school, it is designed to be cascaded through lessons throughout the week.
The PPT contains 116 slides (inclusive of printable pages) . Included in these slides are:

 Key dates for the month of MARCH,

 Word of the Week (x5)

 Literacy Task for the Week- 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Numeracy Task For the week 2 separate tasks for each week (10 in total)

 Debate topic (5 debate questions, each based on the word for the week).

This is useful for instilling literacy and numeracy maintaining continuity throughout the school.

You can either print off the word of the week placemat and laminate it and then, each week, stick a different word on it. This also comes with our 60 second Bubble countdown timer, for use with literacy and numeracy activities.

NB The other Tutor Time resources for each month of 2018 will also include similar tasks and be added to this resource.
We hope that you enjoy this growing bundle!

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By TeachElite

Tutor time numeracy activity

What is it?  A creative maths challenge to warm up pupils' thinking skills, ideal for vertical tutor groups.

Users say… Nice activity for form or starter for maths lesson, thinking about simple question of how old you are by different measures. Nicely presented, thank you for sharing. (NumberLoving)


Simple powerpoint giving a straightforward numeracy activity focussing on units. Designed for use with a vertical tutoring group (Years 7-11) in a 20min slot. Differentiated by allowing only KS3 students to use calculators.
By maryjanewise

Healthy lifestyle - PSHE for tutor time

What is it?  An engaging resource pack with an adaptable lesson presentation and worksheets.

Users say… This is a great bundle- all the resources are so thorough making it such good value. I love the format of the PowerPoints, really well structured. Thanks. (betsybelleteach)

Healthy Lifestyle - PSHE

Citizenship / PSHE lesson resources: Engaging, detailed and adaptable 1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, well differentiated, KS3/ KS4.
These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each.
You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below:
Mental Health PSHE Bundle
1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources
British Values Citizenship Bundle
Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle
Islam Bundle
Sex and Relationships Education
By EC Resources

Form group quiz activity worksheets

What is it?  A collection of motivating worksheets to get students discussing and justifying their thinking.

Users say… Superb if you happen to suddenly have to cover a form session and there is nothing left for the pupils. It encourages group dynamics, is fun to do and will fill that form period really well. An absolute bargain. I would highly recommend it! (vivtaylor)

Family Fortunes - Form Tutor Activity Quiz - 26 fun worksheets

26 Worksheets with answer page for each. Each worksheet has 7 questions where they guess how the public answered. Good for team work of individual work or a round in a mixed quiz. Most are suitable from age 8 - 18 or beyond, but do check each one yourself to check it is OK for your group. Questions and answers sourced across various books and the internet.
By creative-moments

Tutor group bunting

What is it?  A getting-to-know-you and goal-setting activity that becomes a whole class display.

Users say… Looks ace! Can't wait to hang up in my classroom. (Teels101)

About Me bunting tutor time activity

A way to get to know your tutor group in the first few weeks of term, and will look lovely on display!
By Natalie Bielby

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