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Nicola Davison
23rd June 2017
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Five top-rated resources to help you make form time valuable for both you and your students

Making form time count is no mean feat. Once your charges have finally settled down into their own version of your seating plan and the register is done, you have mere minutes before the bell rings to signal the beginning of the next lesson. 

But on those occasions when you do get to spend a bit of time with your tutor group, why not make the most of it? Well-planned activities can encourage teamwork, creative thinking and help you get to know your form. So why not get started with this collection of some of the best-reviewed activity ideas on Tes?

Tutor group puzzle presentation, with 192 reviews

What is it? Improve thinking skills with this selection of activities for both KS3 and KS4, including riddles, maths games and "what if?" questions.

Users say… Thanks! I intend to use them with my Year 9 form to help develop thinking and social skills (lmr)

Form-time challenge booklet, with 66 reviews

What is it? Promote teamwork and the building of relationships among your KS3 tutees with this printable workbook full of various activity types.

Users say… Will need to update both of the quizzes, but really good for tutor time. Changed the word ‘team’ to ‘table’ so they got to know everybody (wozard)

Brainteaser activities, with 49 reviews

What is it? Get your tutees’ brains into gear with this puzzle pack, including short quizzes, hidden word teasers and riddles.

Users say… Excellent resource to get them thinking! Great fun (esseebee)

Weekly activity template, with 43 reviews

What is it? Ideal for KS4 learners, this presentation neatly outlines the format for daily discussion topics with a focus on current local and world news.

Users say… What a great idea! Thanks you for sharing. I will try and keep doing this for my class with different topics (gangeltteacher)

Form-time challenges, with 36 reviews

What is it? Engage all students with this seven-week tutor group challenge. Each puzzle comes complete with answers and an editable scoreboard.

Users say… Thanks for sharing these great challenges. My pupils will really enjoy them (lilabibby)

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