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03rd December 2019
Wintery sky illustrating seasonal science lessons for KS3 and KS4 students, covering biology, chemistry and physics

Make the most of this month's learning opportunities with these one-off lesson and activity ideas

It’s December, which means that the end of the longest term of the academic year is almost upon us! As the holidays approach and your pupils start to get a bit restless, why not keep them engaged with some revision games and seasonal lesson ideas?

Science games: revision activity ideas

Complete GCSE Science Revision Game - ARTICULATE!

This board game is based on the hit title "articulate", with a similar playing style to Taboo!
This game was adapted with a focus on Year 11 GCSE Science, with topics from all 3 science disciplines and is applicable to most exam boards.
This activity acts as a great revision tool for whole classes or small intervention groups to ensure they are familiar with all the key words from across all 3 disciplines.
This activity has also been used as both a starter/plenary for classes in Year 9 --> Year 11 and as a reward at the end of a term!

How to use the resource?

(It does work well if a class set has been printed and laminated in advance of play).

1. Students play the game in pairs (this is good for accommodating larger class sizes). There should be a maximum of 4 pairs to each board game template.
2. Each pair takes it in turns to describe as many key words (corresponding to the colour they are on, on the playing board) to their partner but...

a. You cannot SPELL the word, or say how many letters it has.
b. You cannot SAY any part of the word.
c. You cannot use “rhymes with” or “sounds like".

3. If their partner guesses correctly, these cards are kept to the side and another is picked QUICKLY and described until the time is up!
4. Students count up their number of correct cards and move this number of spaces around the playing board.
5. Students can pass if they are unsure on how to describe the word/can not guess it! This saves time!
6. If students land on a star on the playing board - they need to describe and guess ONLY the words with a star next to them on the playing cards (this is a mixture of words from all 3 science disciplines).
7. The winner is the first pair to move their counter to the finish segment!


Please leave a review/feedback once you've used this resource so it can be adapted for others!

(Note: I do not own any of the rights associated with the playing title/game)
By sophie55_hanson

AQA Trilogy Science revision game

I created a game to help students revise in an engaging way. Majority of columns are designed to have a different topics, so it will become clear to students and teachers where strengths and weaknesses lie.

By ktbax263

KS3 Science (Year 8) Taboo Game

Collection of 81 Taboo game cards covering keywords from KS3 Year 8 Science. Included is a blank template which can be printed off and given to your students to fill out to build your collection.

Cards can be printed double-sided straight from PowerPoint to produce a colourful game card which cannot be easily seen through!

Great end of year summary activity
By wolf3261

Connect4 Revision Game 7C Science

60 questions designed to be used for year 7 students and based on the topic of “Muscles and Bones”. Two teams/students playing against each other, student answers a question they colour in the question circle, if they get 4 in a row they win a point. Answers can be verbally or written down depending how you would like to run the game. Students should keep playing until all question circles are coloured. Student should try to block opponents from scoring by answering that question. Answers are given but basic answers only to fit in circles, can demand more in depth answers depending on class level.

Hope you enjoy!

By mollshaworth

Christmas-themed fun

Science of Xmas Quiz

A 16 question multiple choice quiz on the science of Christmas Round 1 - Father Christmas Round 2 - Reindeer Round 3 - Stars Round 4 - Snow Its a mildly educational quiz to do in the run up to Christmas.
By russellarnott

Science and Christmas Periodic table

Science and Christmas Periodic Table Decorations Why not try something different this Christmas with your scientists and create your own periodic table inspired Christmas decorations/revision cubes…
Product Code: SCI/C8F/02

Science KS3 or KS4 Students
x 4 Different versions of the activity available
x1 Set of examples of finished element decorations from the periodic table.
x1 Copy of the periodic table

This will last a full hour by the time you get students to research their chosen element, collate the information and decorate their cube and then cut and stick it all together. The only extra resource you will need is some string cut up into smaller pieces (1 per student)

This informative, fun and engaging activity will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas with your young scientists.
Product Code: SCI/C8F/02

Click Here for the Year 6 Transition Digital Escape room.

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What is Identity Lessons?

By Cre8tive Resources

Christmas Science. Santa Murder Mystery! Science Christmas Activity


There has been a murder at Santa’s workshop and one of the Elves did it! But which one?

Get your students to solve 5 separate science related clues to piece together information about the murderous elf. Activities include classification keys for the reindeer, speed of the sleigh and the science behind our favourite christmas words! If you have a TA, maybe they can play dead santa!

Read through the case brief with the class, and give them a time limit. The, suspect list and final clue are included alongside the PowerPoint activity but don’t give these out until right at the end. All of the answers are also included in this pack.

There really is minimal effort required from the teacher. Set it up, introduce the murder and let them compete. Just tick the team’s box when they have finished each clue and advance the slide to give the answer when the time runs out.

All worksheets that were made using a generator are credited on the worksheet itself. All content is original.

By thepurplechemist

AQA GCSE Christmas Science Quiz

AQA GCSE Christmas science quiz for combined science and triple science. The perfect end of term quiz covering Biology, Physics and Chemistry topics for the new GCSE specification.
Answers included at the end of the quiz.

By MissHanson

End of Year Science Christmas Quiz

End of Term Science Christmas Quiz - Christmas Interactive Identifying circuit symbols, What did Santa bring to the science department this year? True or False Periodic Table - Which scientist said that? The solar system memory test - Suitable for students studying Science KS3 or KS4
Product Code: FUN/C8/QZ/73

☞ 1 x Super fun Science Quiz Powerpoint with interactive Questions and Answers
☞ 1 x Science Themed Student Team Answer Sheets
☞ Contains 10 Rounds:
1 - Identifying Circuit Symbols
2 - What did Santa bring to the science department this year?
3 - True or False Periodic Table
4 - What scientist said that?
5 - The solar system memory test,
6 - Pulling crackers (This is very fun!)
7 - Linking scientists with what they have accomplished
8 - Types of rock
9 - Animal and plant cell structures
10 - The PH scale
Design Tie breaker

(All with a Christmas feel to it!)
☞ 3 sets of Certificates (Winning Team Gold Certificates, 2nd Place Team Silver Certificates and 3rd Place Team Bronze Certificates) The certificates come in two sizes A4 and A5 and are easily editable in PPT format.


✿ This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included.

✿ This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to celebrate the end of term.

✿ A variety of different rounds and different challenges within this quiz for all types of learners to access (something fun no matter what ability)


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By Cre8tive Resources

Christmas science games

Contains two instruction sheets for fun science activities. The first is a make your own buzzer game which requires the students to apply what they know about electrical circuits. The other is a sleigh race which teaches about forces. For more free teaching resources and ideas for lessons based on topical news stories, events and technology please visit the blog.
By SnapshotScience

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