Seasonal science lessons

Nicola Davison
04th December 2018
Wintery sky illustrating seasonal science lessons for KS3 and KS4 students, covering biology, chemistry and physics

Make the most of this month's learning opportunities with these one-off lesson and activity ideas

It’s December, which means that the end of the longest term of the academic year is almost upon us! As the holidays approach and your pupils start to get a bit restless, why not keep them engaged with some seasonal lesson ideas?

Here, we’ve selected some of the best winter and Christmas-themed resources to help you to add an element of Yuletide fun to your classroom this month.

Wintery lesson ideas

Ice Road Truckers: Pressure Calculation Lesson

Pupils learn about how to apply the pressure calculation to a real life scenario. They work in groups to work out which truck they would use to travel along the ice roads and present their finsings in the form of a poster. Ticks many OFSTED boxes if you know what I mean. Instructions on first slide.
By alexjfirth

Crystal-mas Trees

Christmas Key Stage 3 Science Lesson. This lesson is aimed at Y9 students. It uses a displacement reaction between silver nitrate and copper to form pretty silver crystals on the copper wire bent into a Christmas tree. Fun, educational and should get you through the last week before Christmas hols!
By lucykeal

Antarctica and The Arctic: Environments Worksheets

Three colourful worksheets looking at enviroments, adaption and man's role. One looking at the environments, one looking at the adaption of polar bears and penguims to the environments and another looking at the human impact on the environment.
By streetno9

Winter STEM projects

A collection of STEM challenges focusing around a winter theme. Includes igloo building, crystallising snowflakes, santas sleigh designing and more!
By BeccaLouise90

Christmas-themed fun

Science of Xmas Quiz II (The Revenge)

A follow up to my original end-of-term Xmas quiz. A 16 question multiple choice quiz on the science of Christmas: Round 1 - Father Christmas; Round 2 - The Three Kings; Round 3 - Santa's Helpers; Round 4 - The North Pole. Its a mildly educational quiz to do in the run up to Christmas. Use it by itself or combine it with Quiz 1 for a super-bumper Xmas Extravaganza.
By russellarnott

Science of Xmas Quiz

A 16 question multiple choice quiz on the science of Christmas Round 1 - Father Christmas Round 2 - Reindeer Round 3 - Stars Round 4 - Snow Its a mildly educational quiz to do in the run up to Christmas.
By russellarnott

Christmas Science. Santa Murder Mystery! Science Christmas Activity


There has been a murder at Santa’s workshop and one of the Elves did it! But which one?

Get your students to solve 5 separate science related clues to piece together information about the murderous elf. Activities include classification keys for the reindeer, speed of the sleigh and the science behind our favourite christmas words! If you have a TA, maybe they can play dead santa!

Read through the case brief with the class, and give them a time limit. The, suspect list and final clue are included alongside the PowerPoint activity but don’t give these out until right at the end. All of the answers are also included in this pack.

There really is minimal effort required from the teacher. Set it up, introduce the murder and let them compete. Just tick the team’s box when they have finished each clue and advance the slide to give the answer when the time runs out.

All worksheets that were made using a generator are credited on the worksheet itself. All content is original.

By thepurplechemist

Christmas mega pack of Christmas activities, Christmas quizzes. Xmas. Updated 2018. Best seller.

2018 - UPDATED AND IMPROVED - DECEMBER 2018. Very popular Christmas Activities and Quizzes. Great value, Over 300 slides, pick and choose from 12 interesting, fun and entertaining Christmas rounds: *Maths *English *Films/Video *Observation *Physics * Christmas cracker Jokes *Geography *Pop music *Sport *Thinking *Biology *Chemistry *Identify the song. Very Christmassy from start to finish ! This is ALL you need for ALL your Christmas lessons, buy and relax !

Lots of xmas quiz questions, activities, high quality Christmas images, videos, music, up and about games etc, 300+ fun power point slides (which took approximately 30+ hours of work to create although this was spread over many years as I have happily and successfully used this every Christmas for many years). All answers are provided and different students take turns to run the show, so you can relax for a change ! Based around Christmas throughout, fun and engaging, you choose which of the 12 rounds you like the best, or use them all with different classes, or better still, let the kids vote for which of the 12 rounds they would like to do! 

PLEASE NOTE: The images in the actual PowerPoint are very high quality but the preview images tes have created are messy with text in the wrong places and the wrong size, the real powerpoint files are top quality.

Great fun for you, great fun for your classes !

Can be used with all abilities and all age groups from 8 to 18

Happy Christmas, and most sincere best wishes of the season to you all !! ! :-)

Happy teaching,

Please note - as I’m not teaching full time after being ill this causes some financial issues to myself and my family so this year any money raised from this resource is not going to charity this year. Hopefully in years to come this situation will change for the better.

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By barclayfox

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