Evolution, inheritance and variation in biology

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02nd April 2019
Evolution, variation and inheritance

KS3 and KS4 resources for evolution, inheritance and variation

A key topic in both the KS3 and KS4 biology curriculum, evolution, variation and inheritance can be taught in a range of different ways. So, to help you plan, we have pulled together a selection of resources to ensure your students remain engaged throughout the teaching of this key topic.


Inheritance & Genetics Summary Poster

Summary Poster, aid, inheritance, genetics, genes, chromosomes, cells.
By Coralaby

Year 7 Biology - Variation, Adaptation, Food webs and Pyramids of biomass/numbers

Set of complete lessons based on the new curriculum; covers muscles, bones and organs. Lessons are good to go or can be tailored to your specific requirements.
Worksheets referenced are from the Exploring Science package.
1. Species
2. Variation
3. Variation charts/graphs
4. Adaptations
6. Changing habitats
7. Preferences (seasonal and daytime effects on behaviour)
8. Food webs
9. Populations
10. Pyramids
11. Poisons and the ecosystem (minamata)
By Sigyn

Inheritance - complete lesson (KS3)

Complete lesson on inheritance tailored towards the activate scheme. This lesson was used for year 8 but could be used for high ability year 7. All resources included. Animations and timers facilitate green pen 'correction' and keep pace.
By Dr. M Nicklin

Year 9 Biology - Variation, DNA, Genes, Evolution + Natural selection

Set of complete lessons based on the new curriculum; Environmental and inherited variation, DNA, genetic diseases, endangered animals, and natural selection. Worksheets referenced are from the Exploring Science package.
1. Environmental variation
2. inherited variation
3. comparing inherited and environmental variation
4. DNA
5. DNA poster work
6. Genetic disease
7. Genes and extinction
8. Endangered animals (ICT)
9. Natural selection
10. Evolution in action
By Sigyn

Evolution: Science Escape Room

This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the theory of evolution. Full "Letter" sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided.


♦ Teacher Instructions with Usage Guide and FAQ
♦ 20 Multiple Choice Questions
♦ 5 Decoders for each of the 5 Levels
♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key
♦ Large Sized Cards and Smaller
♦ Link to an optional, but recommended, digital breakout room
By ScienceSpot

NEW AQA GCSE Biology - 'Inheritance, variation & evolution' HT lessons

This bundle of resources contains 4 whole lessons which meet all learning outcomes for the higher tier, separate science modules within the ‘Inheritance, variation & ecology’ unit for the NEW AQA Biology Specification.

Lessons included:

  1. Cloning
  2. Mendel -
  3. Theories of evolution
  4. Evolution & Speciation

The lessons contain a mix of differentiated activities, progress checks, extra challenge questions and exam questions plus more than one opportunity, per lesson, for self/peer red-pen assessment of tasks.

By SWiftScience

Revision resources

Evolution revision sheet

Revision worksheet with the title: Do we know how life really began?

Separate boxes cover:

- Origins of life

- How natural selection works

- Mutations

- Fossils

- Antibiotic resistance

I used this worksheet in a review lesson on evolution, with a clip from Newsnight discussing the teaching of creationism in schools as a stimulus.

Designed for AQA GCSE Science A / GCSE Biology.

By benji08

Topic 6: Inheritance, Variation and Evolution Revision Questions and Answer Sheets

Six sheets of straightforward revision questions. Written to provide simple recall test of what students have learned and need to learn (to reassure them as much as anything). Taken pretty much directly from the AQA 9-1 GCSE syllabus. Answer sheets are included. Would work well as a starter, plenary or on a VLE.

Sexual reproduction; Asexual reproduction; Meiosis; DNA and the genome; Genetic inheritance; Genotype; Phenotype; Homozygous; Heterozygous; Allele; Sex determination; Variation; Evolution; Selective breeding; Genetic engineering; GM; Evidence for evolution; Fossils; Extinction; Resistant bacteria; Classification

Included in the bundle: 26 Biology Revision Question Sheets (AQA 9-1 GCSE Combined Science) £10

By EliZiczac

Variation and Evolution Revision Placemat

Variation and Evolution Revision Placemat
An A3 revision mat for half of the Inheritance, Variation and Evolution chapter in AQA GCSE 1-9 Combined Science and Biology. Includes combined Science content only and no separate Biology content.
Includes answer

By sambrowntes

AQA Trilogy B6 Inheritance, variation and evolution revision

Made using the AQA Trilogy specification

Contains 2 slides of activities to complete for the B6 Inheritance, variation and evolution

I give these out at the end of each topic and also before holidays for exam preparation.

I have made the boxes equal sizes so that they can be blown up onto A3 card to create revision cards for intervention/ starters/ plenaries

Maths skills and RPAs are incorporated when appropriate

More of these on the way for all AQA units, RPAs and maths skills. Feedback welcome

By hephelumps

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