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14th November 2019
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Fun lessons and activities to engage secondary students in science  

Support science students in identifying and understanding the changing states of matter with this engaging, hand-picked selection of solids, liquids and gases lessons, activities and exam practice skills suitable for secondary students aged between 11 - 18.

Activities and Worksheets

Solids Liquids Gases

States of matter Solids, Liquids, gases. Changes of state. Differentiated worksheets. I wrote these for a lower ability GCSE group but they could easily be used for KS3. The higher and lower ability worksheet have a mark scheme on the second page so pupils can check their own answers. The support sheet is for the lower ability worksheet and the extension I found from someone else on TES.
By brmckie

Solids, Liquids and Gases

This paper wheel chart teaches your classes the definitions for solids, liquids and gases and is a wonderful revision tool.

A volvelle or wheel chart is a type of slide chart, constructed from paper with rotating parts. It’s brilliant for both teaching and revision. The student fills in the information on the Volvelle which will help them to learn it, and then can use it as a revision tool. They are fun to make!
The volvelle worksheet is complete with instructions on what your class should do, so it really helps make this lesson fun and easy.

With this resource, you get a fascinating Volvelle PowerPoint which is 10 slides long and can be used to teach your class all about Volvelles. This makes a great starter to your lesson, and the presentation includes a script, making you the instant expert!

There is a stage by stage teachers pictorial guide on how to put the volvelle together, which includes lots of useful advice and tips so you can be confident when you teach your class.
To sum up, you get:
• The Volvelle worksheet
• Definitions handout so they can fill in the worksheet.
• A presentation about Volvelles
• A lesson plan
• A stage by stage teachers Guide on how to make a volvelle
By VolvelleEducation

States of Matter Crossword/Wordsearch

Aimed at low ability year 7: Low and high ability word search for solids, liquids and gases Crossword for states of matter
By penny_corp

States of Matter summary worksheet

Worksheet summarising the basics of States of Matter
Suitable for KS3 or KS4 review
By cchallis

states of matter worksheet particle model

Students to draw what solid/liquid/gas states of water look like in the beaker. Then they are to 'zoom in&' to the particles and draw what they would look like for each state. Students to then complete a short extended writing activity using as many keywords as they can to describe the process of ice melting and water boiling. Higher ability students should be able to refer to the movement and arrangement of particles in this piece.
By lewistull

Solid,Liquid and gases Flipbook template.

This is a template with instructions on how to make flipbook - students can draw states of matter on th template and make their very own flipbook - excellent for year 7's. The book can be adapted for other purposes.
By shaks3

Is it a solid, liquid, or gas? Custard experiment

Observation lesson. Students collect evidence to work out whether the mystery substance (non-newtonian custard or cornflour mix) should be classified as a solid or a liquid. Very hands on and students loved it. HSW AF4.
By chloedanielle

Solids, Liquids and Gases Taboo

A game where pupils have to describe a word without using the taboo words on the card. Words include: Solid, liquid, gas, mass, density, volume, evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting, expand, contract, compress, flow
By julieg19

KS3 lessons

States of Matter

Lesson I used for a mixed ability year 7 class so is full of differentiation. The worksheet is differentiated 3 ways, you just need to cut it into 5 parts. When I talk about 'particle stickers' I just gave the pupils some small circle stickers to use which they enjoyed :) Hope this is useful!
By rcmcauley

States of matter (Solids, liquids, gases)

(Apologies for the poor preview, TES servers are having issues)
Introduction to the three states of matter. Designed to be delivered to year 7 but easily changeable for different year groups or abilities.

Activity requires water, a balloon and some blu-tac or similar. Gives the students a chance to explore the different states and get used to different properties.
Crossword included to help with vocabulary.
Introduces the particle model and its use. Animated slides guide the students through representing each state using the particle model and justifying why.

Plenary is exam style questions.
By Jubblord

States of Matter Science Escape Room

This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the states of matter. Full “Letter” sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided.


♦ Teacher Instructions with Usage Guide and FAQ
♦ 20 Multiple Choice Questions
♦ 5 Decoders for each of the 5 Levels
♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key
♦ Large Sized Cards and Smaller
♦ Link to an optional, but recommended, digital breakout room

By ScienceSpot

Classifying States of Matter Circus

Students have the opportunity to explore six unusual materials that will stretch and question their prior understanding in relation to solids, liquids and gases.

1) Borax slime

2) Water in a vacuum

3) Is toothpaste a solid?

4) Syphoning water

5) Is Ooblek a liquid?

6) Changing states of cream

Students use the lesson to answer an extended question
By Mick Doyle

KS4 lessons

Edexcel CC1a States of Matter

CC1 lesson for the new Edexcel Science GCSE, looking at states of matter.
Including: what the states of matter are, properties of the states of matter, particle theory, changes of state, predicting states of matter, cooling curve practical and heating curves.
By Paul Foster

AQA Trilogy: Particle model of matter: Changes of State

Full student led, engaging and differentiated covering the changes of state spec from the physics unit, particle model of matter.

Worksheets are at the end of the PowerPoint.
By sianbe

States of matter and changing state

This is an informative and engaging lesson, which has been designed for GCSE but is perfectly suitable for younger students who are studying the states of matter. Students will have encountered this topic at KS3 and potentially before, and therefore the aim of this lesson is to consolidate that knowledge and to deepen in critical areas. A number of quick competitions have been written into the lesson to maintain engagement and to test prior knowledge in a different way. In addition, progress checks are found at regular intervals so that students can constantly assess their understanding. The start of the lesson looks at the different properties of the three states and ensures that particle diagrams are not only recognised but can be explained. A lot of students consider elements to be in one state only at all times and therefore time is taken to show them how the specific temperature is the determining factor on the state. Students are guided through using the melting and boiling points to determine which state a substance is in at a given temperature. The rest of the lesson focuses on changing state and the change in the particles at each of these stages.

By GJHeducation

GCSE AQA C3.1 - States of Matter

Lesson made for GCSE AQA Chemistry C3.1 on States of Matter

Includes a worksheet where students identify key features of solids, liquids and gases.
By RTucker92

Solids, Liquids & Gases (Edexcel IGCSE) PowerPoint

PowerPoint covering the Edexcel IGCSE Solids, Liquids & Gases topic.
By Chris Snewin

IGCSE Solids, Liquids & Gases Revision Booklet

Revision booklet for the Edexcel IGCSE Solids, Liquids & Gases unit. Prints double sided and folds to make it A5. Mark scheme now added, along with Publisher version for editing.
By Chris Snewin

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