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23rd January 2020
Atomic structure equation with resources for secondary

Support your teaching of atomic structure in the classroom with our top 10 resources

Atomic structure is a key unit of work taught throughout seondary. Getting to grips with atoms in chemistry and physics can be tricky, so to help your students get their head around this topic, we have brought together a collection of our most downloaded worksheets, knowledge organisers and lessons for atomic structure. Looking for more science revision resources? Visit our science collection.

Top 10 resources

New AQA GCSE Atomic Structure revision poster 2018 exam

This is a revision poster based on the first chemistry topic in the new AQA Trilogy course. It could be used as a support placemat throughout lessons, but I tend to give pupils these as a revision summary at the end of the topic. It contains keywords for the topic and information for each of the subsections. It is very text heavy, so may only be suitable for higher ability pupils, which is the group I am teaching. I have pulled ideas together from similar formats already on TES. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By paulamac29

P3 & P4 - Particle model, atomic structure & radiation revision sheets for AQA 9-1 Physics GCSE

Revision sheets containing boxed questions covering the key information from the P3 (particle model of matter) and P4 (atomic structure & nuclear radiation) topics from the new AQA 9-1 GCSE for combined and separate science.
Five resources in this pack, covering 3 topics. Three sheets suitable for combined science, and three suitable for separate science (I can do the math - one of the sheets is suitable for both!).
Each sheet should take approximately 30 minute for students to complete.
By rbusby123

Atomic Structure Worksheet

A worksheet with all the basics of atomic structure. E.g. details of subatomic particles, mass & atomic numbers.
By kmicklewright

AQA Trilogy P4 Atomic structure revision

Made using the AQA Trilogy specification.

Contains 1 slide of activities to complete for the P4 Atomic structure topic.

I give these out at the end of each topic and also before holidays for exam preparation.

I have made the boxes equal sizes so that they can be blown up onto A3 card to create revision cards for intervention/ starters/ plenaries

Maths skills and RPAs are incorporated

More of these on the way for all AQA units, RPAs and maths skills. Feedback welcome
By hephelumps

Atomic Structure

Designed for new BTEC Principles of Applied Science. Powerpoint lesson structure. Added posters (sub atomic particle ppt) that are displayed around the room that allow students to fill in the tables provided in sub-atomic particles worksheet. Also includes a key words sheet linked to home learning task. Lesson main points: What is an atom made of? Atomic number and mass number. Includes assessment activities.
By KBuxey

NEW AQA 2016 GCSE Trilogy Physics revision mat atomic structure

Revision place mat for Chapter 4 atomic structure following the Collins textbook. Included in this place mat are irradiation, contamination, half-life, nuclear decay, types of decay, structure of the atom, development of the atom and maths skills.

For a sample please see the free chapter 2 revision mat here:
By vy28

Drawing Electron Configurations & Atomic Structure

Simple set of worksheets to allow students to practice drawing out electron configurations and working out numbers of the sub atomic particles. The final PPT includes all the resources together for easier manipulation.
By GemmaButton

AQA 9 -1 Physics GCSE paper One knowledge organiser - atomic structure

A full knowledge organiser for the Atomic Structure topic for AQA NEw physics syllabus covering:
atomic structure
radioactive decay
radioactive decay equations
nuclear fission
nuclear fusion
how a power station works
nuclear medical radiation
By jane wells

NEW AQA 2016 GCSE Trilogy Chemistry revision mats Atomic structure

Revision place mat for Chapter 1 Chemistry Atomic structure and the periodic table following the Collins textbooks. Included in these mats are atom, elements, compounds, separation of mixtures, periodic table , Group 1, 7 and 0 and maths skills. Student's have found these useful and easy to use.

You are able to purchase the other revision mats for the other chapters. Currently completed are:
Chapter 2: structure, bonding and the properties of matter
Chapter 3: chemical quantities and calculations
Chapter 4: chemical change and
Chapter 5: energy changes
By vy28

Atomic Structure

Designed primarily for KS4 teaching of atomic structure in chemistry and physics units.

-Do now crossword for recalling KS3 facts about different elements.
-Interesting “hook” relating to chemicals.
-Useful visuals to flip between “concrete and abstract representations” and “dual coding” of atoms.
-AfL activities after each learning sequence.
-Animations to help embed student work layout.
-Extension question and challenge.
-Active plenary activity.

By Mr-Z

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