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Craig Barton
03rd December 2018
Father Christmas completing secondary maths activities on a classroom whiteboard

A countdown of maths resources to see you through to the Christmas holidays

Yes, it is almost that time of year again! The holidays are in sight, and yet there is the small matter of the next few weeks to get through in one piece.

Students will no doubt be demanding fun lessons, sweets and movies (mine tend to begin the begging process around mid-September), but there is of course still plenty of learning that needs doing.

So this year I thought it would be useful to categorise the resources as you may need them. Have a great end of term, and a wonderful holiday when it arrives!

Craig Barton, Tes Maths advisor

3 Weeks to go...

With three weeks left there are likely still plenty of topics you need to get through. So, here are four of the best topic-based resources that have a slight festive twist.


What's Santa Left In My Stocking? - Bodmas

Calculate then unjumble the letters to find what Santa has left me this year!
By alutwyche

Christmas Shading Graphical Inequalities

Worksheet with two questions. First question makes a picture of a present (vertical/horizontal lines only), the second makes a tree (includes diagonal lines). Used for Year 9 but also suitable for GCSE. Answers included.
By frickard

Christmas Co ordinates

Plot co ordinates to make Christmas themed pictures. Ideal for the end of term before Christmas.

By bmctaggart

Solving Santa's Equations

Calculate how many presents there are in Santa's sacks of gifts for each journey. This involves two-step equations, brackets and an unknown on both sides. Festive equations - what more could you want?
By alutwyche

Two weeks to go...

With two weeks left you might want to test what students have learned over the last term, and what they have retained from previous years. This selection of lovely Christmassy mixed-topic resources and activities will allow you to do just that.


Christmas Transformations

Here is another set of transformation pictures that will create a lovely Christmas scene. There is a reindeer and Christmas tree which only require multiple translations to create, the other snow man and reindeer involve a mixture of rotations, reflections and translations.

All the worksheets are as pictures to help preserve the positions of each piece that needs to be transformed. These have been double checked for mistakes but if any are found do let me know!

Hope these prove to be useful and an enjoyable task to end the long autumn term on!
By dave789

Free 10ticks maths Christmas Activity Pack 2018

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, the 10ticks maths Christmas Worksheet Activity Pack has resources that are perfect for end of year lessons. Your students will love the worksheets, which feature lots of fun games, puzzles and activities.

The full 10ticks Christmas Activity Packs with answers are available to download for free from our website and contain more than 30 worksheets, giving you lots of variety for different year groups.

Simply register for free with 10ticks to download your free Christmas Activity Pack & Christmas Calculated Colouring Pack from our Online Worksheet Licence today!

By 10ticksUK

What Was The Question? Christmas Theme

The students are given the answer and asked to fill in the gaps in the question. Topics used involve probability, equations, simultaneous equations, fractions, percentages, ratio, speed, distance, time and many others. Some of the questions allow for multiple answers so discussion could be had. Designed to be used as starters/plenaries to get the grey matter moving. The Christmas theme runs through every question and is a tad tenuous at times but there you go.

By alutwyche

Dragon's Den - Christmas maths problems (GCSE)

A set of 10 problem solving maths tasks. Are you in or out?

Made these for my GCSE Foundation level class, working in small groups/pairs to solve each problem (calculators required). Contains PowerPoint with 4 minute timer for each task (+answers at end), or print the sets of A4/A5 problem cards.

Topics covered:

  • Percentages
  • Money problems
  • Metric & imperial unit conversions
  • Ratio
  • Fractions of amounts
  • FDP ordering
  • Pie chart interpreting
  • Probability, Relative frequency
  • Volume of cylinder
  • Area (tiling)
  • Speed, distance, time.
By brstes

One week to go... 

With one week left it might be time to try something a bit different, but that still contains top-quality mathematical content. Here are a selection of lessons and activities that could do the trick.


Maths Relay Races (Problem-solving Puzzles)

My classes love these:

-I get relays printed in sets+laminated.

-Pupils work in pairs,run out to my desk,get Q1,attempt to solve it+use a whiteboard pen to write the answer on the card.

-They bring the answer to me.If it's right, they get Q2. If not I might give them another shot.


They're mainly number puzzles.Seasonal ones are perfect for keeping kids busy at the end of term.

I write a weekly Maths newsletter with other lesson ideas,useful websites,interesting Maths trivia-if you'd like a sample or to subscribe to get them for free by email contact me:aap03102@gmail.com
By aap03102

Who Killed Santa?

A Christmas murder mystery always keeps people alert after the Christmas pudding, so at the risk of being a bit early – here is a murder mystery for the classroom which is perfect for the end of term. Pupils are given a set of clue cards which define the task – of finding out who killed Santa – and give them all the necessary information to solve the mystery. A really nice fun Christmas activity to encourage problem solving skills inspired by the wonderful people at the NCETM. Enjoy :-) If you are stuck for the answer read the very nice and helpful comments below. Happy Christmas :-)

By chuckieirish


Instructions to show students how to create their own snowflakes, using basic construction skills and reflective symmetry. Great for Christmas display work. Feedback welcomed. Merry Christmas!
By complex_number

Christmas Tarsia

I love Tarsia and Christmas is a good a reason as any for another one, enjoy :-)
By chuckieirish

The final lesson!

You have made it! Even the most determined amongst us will likely find it hard to teach the basics of factorising quadratic equations on the last day. So, if you are looking for something fun and engaging, these four festive beauties might just do the trick.

Maths Christmas Activities Booklet

A collection of Christmas themed Maths puzzles and problems. Ideal for the end of term.
By ryansmailes

Christmas Quiz 2016

A Christmas quiz perfect for those final days of term or for use in form!
By RuthRebekah

Christmas Quiz 2017

Round 1 - News
Round 2 - Christmas Movies
Round 3 - Number 1s
Round 4 - General Knowledge
Round 5 - Christmas Music

All answers in the 'notes' box at the bottom. If you can't see them go to 'View' then click on 'Notes'.
By emilyrugg

The Pirate Game (Christmas Themed)

I have used the resource shared by 'paulcollins' and adapted it slightly. Changed some of the questions and made it Christmas themed so its more appropriate for this time of year. Also includes a special appearance by the fearsome Blackbeard and terrifying Kraken! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
By mercbenzon

Resources of the Week

Celebrate the very best of what Tes has to offer with December’s hand-picked selection of Maths Resources of the Week.

Pirate Game Grid Generator 2.0

You asked for it and Dr Kirkwood has delivered. Now generates as many random grids as you need. Just sent your values and it’s done with a single click. The end of term maths lesson has never been easier.

By Andy Gell

A-Level Maths: Sampling Matching task and Extension

A task I made to enhance pupils explanations of different types of sampling. I found pupils were struggling to articulate how to complete different types of sampling and relate it specifically to the questions.

By scottyknowles18

Right-Angle Triangle Pile Up

Pythagoras/Trigonometry pile up.
All answers are whole numbers to help learners be confident as they progress.
For extra challenge the pile up can be completed without a calculator.
Answers included on page 2 so print one sided if you do not wish to share answers.

By DRoseMaths

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