Collaborative Math Mosaics - Christmas Bundle (now 12 Versions!!)
Engage your whole class this Christmas in a giant collaborative math colouring quest! This high-school take on "colour-by-number" style worksheets will have even your most reluctant students working to complete their assignments!

For Christmas this year, I wanted to give you all something awesome! Compared to the amazing grace God showed the world when he sent his Son on that first Christmas, this giant free bundle is a very very small gift to help you and your students remember God's great promise fulfilled "...the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace." (Luke 1:78-79)

Each student's worksheet represents a small piece of the bigger picture, a nativity scene. Students complete the math problems, and use their answers to colour according to the key. When the work is done, the coloured sheets are put together to reveal the large pixel image.

It's Simple:
1. Calculate
2. Colour
3. Cut
4. Combine!

INCLUDED (zip folder with 12 versions in .docx and .pdf format):
• Analytic Geometry (slope, midpoint, length, perimeter, median, altitude, bisector…)
• Function Transformations (y= a f(x-h) + k form: quadratic, radical, reciprocal, cubic)
• Linear Equations (one and two step, distributing, like terms multi-step)
• Linear Systems (graphing, elimination, substitution)
• Percentage (sales & discounts, tax, part/whole/percent proportions, increase/decrease)
• Pythagorean Theorem (application problems)
• Quadratic Equations (solve by factoring, isolating, or quadratic formula)
• Sine and Cosine Laws (solve for sides and angles)
• Sinusoidal Transformations (y = a sin or cos[k(x-p)]+q)
• Trig Ratios (SohCahToa for sides or angles)
• Basic Math (add, subtract, multiply, divide, holiday themed word problems and applications)
• Ratios Problems (Holiday themed word problems, and numeric proportions)

The student buy-in factor is HUGE with these worksheets; they all want to see the finished picture come together!

Leave the picture a secret or show it for motivation… it’s your call.

Encourage students to check their answers by finding them in the randomized list on their worksheets before they colour each square. This will increase the accuracy of the final picture!

All my "Colouring by..." worksheets use standard pencil-crayon colours found in the Crayola 24 pack. For best results, use the exact colour name match, and encourage students to do some quality colouring! Perhaps a class set of pencil crayons would be a fun math department investment!

Merry Christmas!



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