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Craig Barton
05th May 2020
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Engaging investigation ideas to inspire creative thinking in your classroom

Since the abolition of maths coursework, there is no formal requirement to carry out investigations with your students. However, it is only through investigative work that students of all ages and abilities can start to appreciate the true beauty of the subject. They can hypothesise, be creative, challenge themselves, work with other students and potentially discover things that have never been discovered before.

At our school, we do an investigation with each year group every half term. They may last 20 minutes or five lessons. Here is a selection of the best investigations that the Tes Maths community has to offer.

I really hope you and your students find them useful, enjoyable and stimulating.

Craig Barton, Tes Maths adviser

Creativity in Maths

For all teachers of maths, this is a guide in booklet form about how you can view Creativity in Maths. What does it mean to be creative and how can you provide opportunities for creativity? There are five puzzles/tasks included in a ready to print format.
By DaveGale

Maths Investigations

A list of over 20 Maths problems, puzzles, games and investigations that I collated during my MaST (Maths Specialist Teacher) course last year. Whilst easy to use as they are in KS2, most could easily be adapted for KS1 too. Please use them as a starting point to extend and develop where you, or your class, want to take them: 'What would happen if ...'
By andrewchadwick

Maths Investigations

Based on the Science tasks produced in East Sussex, these investigation starter sheets give an introduction to a topic for investigation, with levelled guidance for progressing the investigation and to allow self- and peer-assessment. Targetted at Y7, these may be suitable for several year groups in KS2/3 Please note that the levelling guide is a first draft and may change. There are currently six investigations: one based on positive & negative numbers, one on sequences, one on area/perimeter, one on polyominoes, one on handling data, and the sixth on probability. Any suggestions warmly welcomed at tafkam.tes@googlemail.com

By tafkam

Maths Investigations : Chess Board, Happy Numbers

A range of mathematical investigathions for KS3 (11-14) Year olds including How many Squares on a Chess board, Happy Numbers, Largest and Smallest Answers, Deciimal Multiplications, Mystic Rose, Vedic Square, Bacteria, Staircases, Types of Number and Tetrahedron Tower

By davecavill

100 Maths Investigations Ideas - 90 page pdf!

Maths investigations for gifted and talented GCSE and sixth form students. Everything from code breaking to Goldbach's Conjecture, the Riemann Hypothesis, Faster than light time travel, Modelling diseases, Predator-prey models, Game theory, visualising the 4th dimension, war maths, Benford&'s law to catch fraudsters and much much more!
By andrewchambers

Rich Maths Task 20 - Diagonals of Rectangles

Have a play around with this task, and please share any questions, extensions, simplifications, modifications, or lines of inquiry in the comment box below. The idea is to collect loads of suggestions that can then be used for effective differentiation. The full set of these tasks, along with additional notes, can be found here: http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/richtasks.htm
By MrBartonMaths

Investigating Circle Theorems with Geogebra

KS4 Maths activity, using ICT A set of dynamic web-pages and accompanying workbook to guide pupils through the various circle theorems. They can see and manipulate the visualisations and use them to deduce the theorems for themselves. They can then test their understanding on some of the problems. I have found this really successful in teaching for understanding and have found pupils remember the theorems far better having seen them in action. Outstanding computer lesson!
By Laura Rees-Hughes

Prison Cells: Number and logic maths investigation

Group activity. Maths investigation. Pupils work in 4s to get the most points. They can 'buy' a laptop (10 points) to use the interactivity (http://bit.ly/qYd7Ih), a calculator for 5, ask a question for 2 points or have an emergency envelope (with a clue/question) for 1 point.
By daniquinn

Pentominoes. Lesson plan, investigation.

This unit is made up of a number of mini activities. After finding the 12 pentominoes pupils use the shapes in the following activities: Find the symmetry and rotational symmetry of the shapes Investigate which pentominoes will tessellate without being rotated, then which will tessellate when rotated Fit the shapes into varying sizes of rectangles The unit contains pentomino shapes to download and print out.

By Hwb Digital Learning for Wales

Mathemagic. Games. Investigation. KS3 Ages 11-14

NEW!! Excel Spreadsheets for the effect Total Disbelief.

A collection of mathematical magic tricks for teachers. Particularly suitable for KS3 but also popular with older children. Each trick gives an anecdotal account of the effect being used in the classroom, followed by the explanation and teaching points if used for further work. Appendix includes details of simple sleights such as coin vanishes etc.

By maths126

Noughts and Crosses Investigation. Lesson plan.

As it says on the tin sadly due to size restrictions couldnt post video which go with lesson but youtube links provided.

By GoldMaths

Holiday Planning Maths Investigation

A good extended structured problem-solving activity based on booking a holiday for a family of four. Includes a resource booklet containing flight, accommodation, car hire and passport prices, and a task sheet setting students task. Suitable for able KS2 pupils and above. Includes differentiation by increasing level of difficulty in the tasks set.
By tafkam

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