Numeracy support for students with SEN

Engaging resources and practical tools to provide maths support to leaners of any ages with special educational needs

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Handy tools to give learners the support they need to thrive in maths lessons  

Trying to convince students who struggle with maths that it is possible to succeed can be an uphill battle. So, to help support students and build their confidence, we have gathered together a range of accessible and adaptable lessons, activities and templates to use in maths.

Primary resources

Memory Owl's 8x Tables Pack

Memory Owl's 8x Tables Pack

A NEW WAY OF LEARNING TIMES TABLES! For children who find remembering numbers tricky, get them to learn stories instead, using memory techniques. This resources will help you teach a class, groups or individuals learn their 8x table. Great for all children and especially those with any level of...

Secondary resources

maths symbols
School Display

maths symbols

great looking visually engaging interactive for helping learners identify maths symbols and their meanings. Works well as a desk based activity. Laminate it to give it a longer life. Works great as a large wall poster! Please leave feedback it helps me produce better resources
Numeracy Support Chart KS2, KS3, KS4

Numeracy Support Chart KS2, KS3, KS4

A very useful resource for numeracy support. Reminders for pupils on place value, 100 square, multiplication grid, add, subtract, multiply, divide, mental strategies, metric conversions, finding percentages, negative numbers, finding fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. It can be photocopied...
flow diagram to support volume of prisms.

flow diagram to support volume of prisms.

This is a flow diagram to help students who struggle with finding the volume of a prism. It helps them structure their thoughts in a way that should help them think logically about how to find the volume of a prism.