SRE for students with learning difficulties

Guidance materials and lesson ideas to support the teaching of sex and relationships education for pupils with special educational needs

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Ideas For Helping Students With SEN Understand Sex & Relationships Education

Resources to support the delivery of relationships and sex education to young people with SEN

The relationships we have with one another make up the building blocks of society. But even at the best of times, they can be complicated and difficult to understand. Learners with special educational needs often find it harder to understand what it takes to develop positive, respectful relationships, making them more vulnerable than most. As such, taking the time to develop a tailored RSE programme can be crucial to their wellbeing.

Here, we’ve brought together a selection of top resources offering both guidance and lesson ideas to help you to do just that, as well as support students as they consider the concepts of choice and consent.

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Guidance materials

Find out how to teach relationships and sex education to students with learning difficulties in these informative resources.

Teachers TV: Special Schools - SRE
Teachers TV

Teachers TV: Special Schools - SRE

Shepherd School, Nottingham, has been recognised as a site of best practice in delivering Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) to young people with learning difficulties. "The work on sex education and relationships is a particular strength", Ofsted reported. This programme explore...
PHSE - Disrespect NoBody - Discussion Guide

PHSE - Disrespect NoBody - Discussion Guide

A teaching resource aimed at preventing abuse in teenage relationships, developed by the PSHE Association, Home Office and Government Equalities Office. The Disrespect NoBody campaign builds on the Government s previous This is Abuse campaign, and is aimed at preventing abusive behaviours ...
Reference card on sexual orientation

Reference card on sexual orientation

Information card on issues relevant to sexual orientation and LGB equality in education, including: succinct practical tips; key facts; links to useful resources; and sources of further information & support. This is an extract from CSIE's resource "Equality: Making It Happen - A guide...

Lesson resources

Kick-start learning about relationships with one of these comprehensive lessons and help raise body awareness using this 9-lesson scheme of work.

Menstruation lesson for children with SEN

Menstruation lesson for children with SEN

Designed for verbal autistic KS4 students, this resource works well in communicating the basics about menstruation. It could be taught over two lessons. Additional resources need of clear plastic cups with different amounts of red fluid in (water + food colouring) and a pack of sanitary items (towel...