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07th February 2020
Explore sex, love and relationships with secondary students using these comprehensive resources

Create a safe space to discuss sex and relationships with your secondary students using these carefully created resources

Beyond the basics of the birds and the bees, SRE is an opportunity for secondary students to discuss their perceptions of how relationships work and misconceptions about sex, as well as thinking about the importance of choice and consent. If you’re on the hunt for inspiration, then look no further than this hand-picked collection of resources, demonstrating just some of the ways teachers are tackling different topics.

Plus, if you are teaching SRE to students with SEN, make sure you check out this blog post.

Popular Picks

The sex education 'Pub' Quiz

A sex ed quiz in the style of a pub quiz. It lasts 40-50 minutes and covers a variety of issues surrounding sex, statistics, contraception and abortion. A different way to deliver sex education which removes the teacher from being the centre. Answers attached - power point has animations attached to reveal and hide answers.
By jemccabe

contraception methods

This lesson is for KS3 and KS4 student all about the various methods of contraception. The lesson includes a detailed powerpoint and also a worksheet for students to fill in.

This is a useful resource for non-specialists teaching PHSE
By leighbee23

STIs , Sexual Health PSHE 2020

PSHE STI, Sexual Health and AIDS / HIV awareness lesson resources: 1 hour PowerPoint, worksheets pack, clips, well differentiated, KS3/ KS4. Also includes written PSHE 2020 RSE Unit scheme of work outline plan, that this lesson is taken from.
These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each.
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Sex and Relationships Education
By EC Resources

Sex and consent assembly

Suitable for KS3 and KS4
By koakland

SRE: Choosing when to have sex

A lesson looking at what considerations we have to make before becoming sexually active. Aimed at year 8. Also considers what influences our own opinions about sex and when it is suitable to have sex. Includes a power point, lesson plan and card sort activity.
By missibbotson

Condom Excuses and Responses

A match up activity matching up the excuse for not using a condom with a possible suggested response. Aim is for young people to feel empowered if they ever are faced with negotiating condom use. For more help with delivering sex and relationships education visit my blog.
By Alice Hoyle

SRE problem page activity

Students answer the problems about underage sex and teenage pregnancy issues. Helps explore students own opinions and recaps what has been learnt during the course. I used resource at end of SRE course with Yr 9's.
By lcollidge

Sex and Relationships Workbook KS3

A workbook for pupils to complete which gives opportunity for peer and self assessment as well as a 'choice' of final assessment.

This unit covers:
• Be able to describe the benefits of friendship
• Be able to describe ‘typical’ relationship progression
• Understand why people choose to marry and why some marriages fail
• Consider different levels of intimacy and their consequences
• Learn about the law in relation to consent
• Describe methods of contraception and understand the advantages and disadvantages of these methods
• Understand the risks related to unprotected sex (STI’s, unwanted pregnancy, emotional)
• Define and discuss the terms associated with sexual orientation and understand why sexist and homophobic language is unacceptable
By lesley1264

Ground Rules for SRE by the class for the class

You will need to make up the initiail sheet of statements to be used for ground rules. as stated in lesson plan, but the importance of this lesson is to allow the pupils to feel they have some imapct on the rules that bind them.
By deborah33

The Consent Issue - Sex Educational Supplement

A survey by the Sex Education Forum found that 3 in 10 young people did not learn about consent in school. Young people also said that what they do learn tends to be too theoretical and fails to discuss real-life relationship situations. So how, what and when should we be teaching about consent in school relationships and sex education?

This second issue of the Sex Educational Supplement includes:

  • ‘take the quiz’ to help you brush up on your knowledge about consent, including legal facts
  • an exclusive interview with Dr Meg Barker, author of Rewriting the Rules
  • eight pages of lesson ideas and resources to integrate learning about consent in high quality SRE at all Key Stages.

This Sex Educational Supplement is free for members of the Sex Education Forum. If you’d like to explore membership, please visit the Sex Education Forum website.

By Sex Education Forum NCB

(1/9) Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE KS3) Healthy Mindset

A new unit of work using the PSHE association mapping structure for the new 2020 Relationship, Sex and Health Education area. This unit is aimed at Year 7. But suitable for any KS3 group.

This lesson looks at having a healthy mindset. It looks at fixed and growth mindset examples and uses David Beckham as an example. Main activity follows two paths- Progress (for all), progress+ more challenge.

Please leave a review if you download.

By SquishyResources

Contraception and STIs

OCR Additional Applied Science lesson
Designed for lower ability sets
A2 Health Care

Can't take credit for the diagrams but for the structure, layout and activities
By OuttheBoxScience

Cootie catcher/ chatter box- revision game for Health and social care- sexual practice

These Cootie Catchers are a super fun revision tool. Including a cootie catcher with a range of questions to promote revision and knowledge of the healthy living Unit 9 in Btec level 2 health and social care. Contains pictures. Also another cootie catcher which has extra pictures added, this supports differentiation and provides extra prompts. Select to suit each individual student!

Cootie catcher/ chatter box- revision game for Health and social care- sexual practice- external assessment, exam.

Btec Health and Social Care
By fb1983

PSHE - Sex and Relationships - lesson bundle

At least half term worth of lessons on Sex and Relationships, covering good and bad relationships, signs of abuse, purpose of sex, teenage pregnancy, contraception and STI’s.
Lesson objectives, starters, plenaries, discussion activities, worksheets, video clip links and more.
Ideal for Year 9 and above.

By FollyFairy

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