Essential start-of-term DT lessons

Enforce safety rules and introduce basic skills with these diverse resources

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Textiles Materials Ready For Lessons At The Start-of-term

Design and technology lessons are opportunities to test the boundaries of creativity in various materials, but before diving into this process it is important to give students an understanding of the basics. From safely using machinery to understanding the selection process of different supplies, these resources will help prepare your class for future lessons.

KS3 resources

Introduce your textiles students to the most useful tool they’ll ever know with this sewing machine game, before acquainting them with a range of basic skills as they make their own cushion with this comprehensive scheme of work.

Before students reach for the oven or the hob, talk them through the importance of food hygiene with this colourful presentation and activity booklet. Alternatively, your budding product designers will benefit from working through this step-by-step guide on producing an isometric drawings.  

Name the Parts of a Sewing Machine

Name the Parts of a Sewing Machine

Simple activity I use this as part of Year 7s' sewing machine introduction activity. It works well with a smart board I ask the pupils to come and to tap where they think the part is. Its best to make a note of the order that the parts appear in the PowerPoint to ensure that you ask them in the righ...
Step by step of making an isometric drawing.

Step by step of making an isometric drawing.

This resource was produced to act as a step by step guide to making an isometric drawing. It was produced for my KS4 DT RMT and Engineering classes but I would be confident in showing this to KS3 classes also. I hope it helps, comments welcomed.
Introduction to Food Hygiene

Introduction to Food Hygiene

Basic intro to food hygiene - PowerPoint and activity booklet. I used this with year 7's during their first lesson in the food room to prepare them for future lessons. The PowerPoint is quite brief and require class discussion - but feel free to modify it! I just went though and discussed each...

KS4 and post-16 resources

As learners mature and food preparations become more complex, this detailed resource pack can be used to reinforce the dos and don'ts of knife safety. Or, why not assist your class with dressmaking using this pattern-drafting guide, which neatly breaks down the process into manageable chunks?

Revisit the basics of product design with older students by sharing these comprehensive factsheets, which will check their understanding of the composition of different materials.  Once comfortable, give pupils confidence in reading and producing their own engineering drawings with these introductory activities.  

Knife choice and safety

Knife choice and safety

Resources for GCSE Catering based on identifying and naming knives; selecting knives for different jobs; safety when using knives; looking after equipment.
Y10 Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Y10 Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Some basic pattern drafting that I do as my first project with Y10. Explains how to adapt a basic block into a child's pinafore with a front yoke, centre front inverted pleat and buttoned fastening down the back. The students make it up in cotton chambray with appliqu d and embroidered detail on it...