Inventive projects for DT students

Enourage creative thinking and problem solving with these creative projects and challenges, designed to put DT students’ key skills to the test
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Hand-picked schemes of work, presentations and projects to encourage individual thought this summer

Projects are a sure-fire way to keep your classes engaged until the summer break, and have the added benefit of allowing pupils to practise the skills they've been learning alll year. From pinball machines to pyjama bottoms, we’ve brought together a selection of tried-and-tested challenges to help keep your students stimulated this half term.

KS3 resources

There's nothing more satisfying than successfully creating something useful. So why not set learners the task of creating their own pyjama bottoms, or even a new school bag? Each project pack comes complete with comprehensive presentations, offering a variety of possible techniques and useful templates.

Explore pizza production over the course of three lessons with these recipe and evaluation sheets, fully differentiated for use in any year group. 

KS4 and post-16 resources

Give graphics students the time to explore the different styles of pop-up as they design and make their own card as part of this short design activity.

For something a little more light-hearted, this short project enables food students to hone their technical skills in the kitchen as they design, develop and evaluate their own afternoon tea. Equally as fun, why not promote teamwork with this group challenge*, which gets pupils working together to create a free-standing cardboard chair for a fellow classmate! 

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KS3 resources KS4 and post-16 resources
Pyjama presentation Pop-up card activity 
School bag SoW Afternoon-tea challenge
Pizza recipes Cardboard chair challenge*

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