Secondary mathematics collection

From lesson plans and templates to worksheets and booklets, we have assembled a comprehensive collection of topical and mathematics resource collections perfect to support the teaching of secondary level students. So whether you are looking for lessons and worksheets for your younger pupils, exam revision questions and games for your GCSE/iGCSE students or something seasonal to keep students engaged in the learning- we have it all right here. 

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Secondary maths hub

Secondary mathematics resource hub

Quality-assured secondary maths resources for every topic selected by the Tes maths panel to support with lesson planning for KS3 and KS4.

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GCSE and iGCSE revision resources

GCSE/iGCSE revision resources

Explore our collection of maths exam revision resources to help prepare your students for those all important GCSE/iGCSE exams. 

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International Baccalaureate teaching resources

International Baccalaureate teaching resources

Access thousands of IB teaching resources created by educators, catch up on the latest IB news, jobs and connect with IB teachers.

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Teacher essentials resources

Teacher essentials

From starter and plenary activities to marking and feedback resources, we have all the essentials a teacher needs for planning the perfect lesson at the click of a button.

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Stem resources

Steam teaching ideas

It’s time to add an element of creativity to your traditional Stem activities as art and design joins the classic combination of science, technology, engineering and maths. The result? Steam!

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Airbus resources

Airbus foundation

The goal of the Airbus foundation is to use the fascinating power of our industry and its future to inspire our next generation and help them overcome the challenges they will face.

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