When students engage with Stem subjects in an inspiring way, the seeds for a better future are planted. The Discovery Space is a digital portal where young people can learn about science through aerospace. Brought to you by the Airbus Foundation, this virtual learning environment is a place where teachers can find tools to help young people engage with Stem topics in a new and exciting way.

The goal of the Airbus Foundation is to use the fascinating power of its industry and its future to inspire the next generation and help them overcome the challenges they will face. With the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space, the Airbus Foundation is looking to complement its hands on and mentoring initiatives such as the Airbus Flying Challenge and Airbus Little Engineer with a digital tool to keep engaging with students around the world. Through the series of articles and Stem engineering resources in this hub, the Foundation aims to provide ideas for how teachers can get students inspired and motivated by Stem subjects, and what can be achieved through them, thus inspiring the next generation of space scientists, technicians and engineers.

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