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As gaming rises in popularity with young people, more teachers are incorporating them into their lessons. Make maths your students' favourite subject and engage even the most resistant mathematicians using this fun, dynamic collection of maths puzzles and gaming resources.

Maths Vegas Revision Game - Samples

Maths Vegas Revision Game - Samples

From my collection of Maths Vegas games I have made over the past few years. These have been a tremendous method of engaging the pupils in revision lessons. The pupils really look forward to these lessons and see them as a treat. A great way to trick them into learning and completing good collaborat...
Algebraic expressions bingo

Algebraic expressions bingo

Two bingo games based on forming expressions and simplifying algebra. Simply choose the game you want to play, select the number of students and the bingo tickets will automatically be printed. Questions appear on the board for students. Great for use as a starter or plenary. Create your o...
Averages Crossnumber and Bingo
Biggles Boom

Averages Crossnumber and Bingo

I made these resources for a job interview over eight years ago and have used them with every KS3 class I have had since. The crossnumber contains a mix of questions on mean, median and mode with an extension question to really make the pupils think. It's a great resource for either a 20 min se...