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02nd January 2020
Primary pupils reach for the stars at the start of the new year

Stimulating activities to help you to kick-start learning in the spring term

After the Christmas break, start the new term with a bang using this hand-picked selection of activities, lessons and worksheets, which look at making resolutions and setting clear targets for the year ahead.

New Year Powerpoint

A powerpoint to discuss meaning of New Year and New Year’s resolutions.

By gorgeoustasha

My New Year's Resolution

This powerpoint introduces pupils to the concept of reflective practice, through writing a review of the year and New Year's resolution. It takes them through 4 common steps of reflective practice - recall, evaluation, analysis and forming an action plan. Aimed at upper KS2, this could be adapted for younger KS2 pupils.
By studenth

New Year Resolution and goal sheet

A sheet to use for new year resolutions and wishes for self and the wider community, also to set a goal for the coming term. Allows discussion of difference between wishes and resolutions, as well as goal setting to encourage taking responsibility for learning.

By Ann50

Behaviour expectations and behaviour steps (sanctions and rewards)

Display resources detailing behaviour expectations, sanctions and rewards. Can easily be customised to suit your own sanction and reward systems. I printed, laminated and cut them out and used on a display window. I kept to 12 steps for sanctions and rewards so that I could display them like a clock face and used a ‘stop’ and ‘go’ sign to reinforce the rewards and sanctions. If you want any more information please email me on dinx67@hotmail.com. Do a search for Happy bones and you will find that resource, it is on the resource bank too!

By dinx67

Reward Stickers

These are adapted from a resource I found somewhere on the net some time ago. Just replace ‘Name’ with your own. My Year 4 class loved them last year. There is also a set of Frech stickers in the MFL section. This is the first time I have uploaded a resource so I hope it will be useful to someone. Topics also included: classroom display.

By jackieberry

Reward Card

A reward card for students.
By lyndsayamos

New Year's Resolutions Worksheet

Students write down five new year’s resolutions. They then choose one of their resolutions to write about and explain why it is important to them and how they’re going to commit to it.

This worksheet was created by primaryleap.co.uk

By PrimaryLeap


2017 Bring on the New Year with this awesome task sheet.

Task: Complete the New Year challenges below?

This year I want to….

At school my New Year’s resolutions is:

At home my New Year resolution is:

Things I would like to do again:

This year I want to:

My Goal this year is:

Each resource can be stuck in books, used as individual posters, decorations, used by the students at home, or stuck in their planners.

Brilliant for behaviour management, mindfulness and relaxation tasks.

I have saved them in both each page as a PDF and Word for your ease of use.

The resource would be brilliant for students at any level. It would also be a lovely bonding experience with your tutor group to decorate the room with.

I hope you enjoy. If anyone wants any specific bespoke colouring challenges or decorations let me know and I can try to produce on request.

By Media Shop

Now and Next Board - Complete with Timetable Lesson Symbols - SEN - Behaviour

Now and next boards helps pupils with SEN and behavioural difficulties to focus on what they should be doing in the instant, and what will be happening next. This is a very supportive strategy as it breaks the day down into simple stages and helps to alleviate anxiety. Simply attach a piece of velcro to the now and next areas. Symbols for lessons and transitions can be laminated and used to velcro to the board.

By AMPickin

New Year Personal Targets Lesson for Primary School (2020)

This is a PSHE lesson for New Year, which can be used in upper KS1 or KS2. The focus of the lesson is to reflect on past achievements, before attempting to set some realistic New Year targets.

The children will then produce their own poster of previous achievements and future targets, as well as considering how to manage goals and to increase the chances of being successful.

The PowerPoint can be used for a class lesson, but could also be presented with no independent task as a school assembly.

*Assembly/teaching PowerPoint
*Independent task sheet
*Full lesson planning

Please see the Goldtopfox shop for a full range of teaching resources:

By goldtopfox

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