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Sian Evans
12th June 2019
child taking part in outdoor learning activity resource

Embrace the learning potential of the outdoor environment with this hand-picked selection of resources

As unpredictable as the British weather is, you can guarantee that as soon as the sun does come out your pupils will be longingly staring out the window and asking, “Miss, can we work outside?” And, who are we kidding; it’s probably where you want to be too!

That’s why we’ve gathered together an engaging collection of ideas for both core and cross-curricular lessons, designed to get students out in the fresh air. From investigation to imagination, outdoor learning will feel like a treat for your class this summer.

Core subject resources

Maths Outdoor Learning Cards

I have printed these on to coloured paper and then display them on my classroom window so that the adults outside can see the learning intentions and have ideas to develop the children’s play

By bubbly1981

Tree Challenge - Outdoor Maths!

A powerpoint and worksheet to support activity of calculating the age of a tree. The activity allows children to measure, record, read maps (orienteering linked to PE) and calculate the age of different trees around the school field in a fun and creative way. To inspire the children, I gave them a 'tree explorer pack' with all the resources they would need: clipboard, worksheet, tape measure, pencil, calculator, map of the school.
By Lauren Vowles

Taking writing beyond the classroom

Ideas for writing across the curriculum, writing to different audiences and writing on different materials plus suggestions for creating wonderful writing displays outside.
By BookSpace

Outdoor Learning - descriptive poetry & grammar

A great resource for helping children learn and remember grammar terms by using them to write poetry outside.

Part of a set of outdoor learning sheets.

By Bonterre

Cross-curricular resources

Outdoor Learning Forest School Complete Set of Activities

6 Lesson Plans/Activities including Art with Natural Resources, Bug Hunt, Building a Bug Hotel, An Introduction to Fire, Cooking on an Open Fire, and Small World Story Making with Faries (Fairy World). Also included is a Risk Assessment for having a fire and an Introduction to Forest School.
This is an ideal introduction to get you on your way to confidently leading a group of children outside.
The activities are designed for children from Reception up to Year 2 but they can easily be adapted for Nursery and older year groups.
Please be aware, these are designed for teachers and are there to be interpreted. True Forest School does not follow lesson plans. These resources are designed to give ideas and act as a back up for the practitioner to deliver a catalyst and prompts for learning whilst being prepared to follow the children in their learning journey! Forest School should be led by the children.
By MrEarlyYears

Weather Diary

A fab diary to record the changing weather. Temperature, rainfall, wind speed, cloudiness. Get kids outdoors exploring and bring the outdoors into your classroom with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.
By naturedetectives

Summer Play - Booklet

Booklet jam-packed with ideas to inspire children to play outside and enjoy the summer! Get kids outdoors exploring and bring the outdoors into your classroom with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.
By naturedetectives

Talking Trees

Open the Powerpoint and hear famous actors performing tree monologues from a Talking Tree Trail by Siren Conservation Education. The lesson plan describes a class project to produce artwork and writing about British trees. You could use the output to produce an online gallery on the website Naturebook.org or make a real book (for example with Make My Book) to share with parents or use in school. In Wales and Southeast, Siren Conservation Education (info@siren.org.uk) could run the session for you.
By SirenConservationEducation

Emoji-enteering - an outdoor adventurous activity - Key Stage 2 - PE

This is an outdoor adventurous activity for Key Stage 2 children. There is a set of emoji cards with numbers and letters. The children have to go and find the matching emoji and collect a set of letters. These then make a message which children write on the answer sheet.
By The Tiki Teacher

Outdoor Learning - Using your Senses

This lesson plan is a comprehensive lesson plan for how to use your senses in the Great Outdoors.
I have used this as a stand-alone lesson with a group of 8 & 9-year-olds.
It can be adapted to suit any age group and of course can be changed to suit the needs of the group.
I used a variety of learning strategies to develop curiosity and overall interest. It seemed to work!

More information can be found on www.garethmate.com

By Gareth Mate

EYFS Outdoor Learning Worksheets Pack

various outdoor learning worksheets

By YorksMudKitchen

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