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Equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, ordering fractions

Complete lesson including worksheets, multiple choice, bingo and Blooms questioning. As with all my resources, learning objectives etc are on the master slide of the PowerPoint should you need to edit them.
By pixi_17

KS3 Angles!

Everything you need to teach KS3 angles topics!

Each lesson includes:
5 a day starter,
Learning objectives and progress tick slide,
Differentiated questions AND answers,
Animated and clear examples,
Worksheets can be printed from question slides in PowerPoint.

Lesson 1:
Calculating angles!
Examples and questions for finding angles on a straight line and around a point, also includes bingo if your class needs a reminder, rather than a lesson on this. Recap on measuring angles, hangman terminology for types of angles. Examples and questions for opposite angles are equal.

Lesson 2:
Angles in triangles!
Hangman to emphasise correct spelling of different types of triangles. Questions and examples on how to find angles in scalene triangles, but also when triangle is isosceles or has an extended line from the triangle.

Lesson 3:
Angles in quadrilaterals!
Examples and questions on how to find angles in regular and irregular quadrilaterals, also if they have an extended line from the shape. Extension on combining rules from all previous lessons to find missing angles.

Lesson 4:
Angles on Parallel lines!
Introduction on terminology and how to find angles in parallel lines. Includes whiteboard task to view progress and differentiated colour coordinated questions and answers. Exam style plenary and fun donky kong activity as extension if needed!

Learning objective sheet!
Questions on all parts learnt for this topic with a self assessment area for students. This can be used as homework or a worksheet to consolidate learning in class!

All lessons can be edited for your needs, but they are ready to go once worksheets are printed! If you like my lessons or think there is anything more I can do to improve them, please rate or comment! Thanks =]!
By stephigittins

Venn Diagrams and Sets

A set of Venn diagram worksheets and a PowerPoint designed to put the 'students into a pit' and to work their own way out while making rapid progress within the lesson.
By fintansgirl

Translations worksheets

3 worksheets for translations. The first one is for them to draw the translated shape and the second is for the pupils to write the translation themselves. The third contains both of the above plus a few blank grids for pupils to create their own shape and translation and to pass to a friend to translate the shape.
By rachharrison


A powerpoint including examples, worksheets and solutions on probability of one or more events using lists, tables and tree diagrams. Also covers expectation, experimental probability and misconceptions relating to probability. Also includes some classics probability games, puzzles and surprising facts. Worksheets at bottom of presentation for printing.
By danwalker

Pie Charts ONESIE

**NEW** Colourful differentiated ONESIE(one A4 page) worksheet.
Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy.

**Supplied with answers.**
By CapeTownTeacher