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Translations worksheets

3 worksheets for translations. The first one is for them to draw the translated shape and the second is for the pupils to write the translation themselves. The third contains both of the above plus a few blank grids for pupils to create their own shape and translation and to pass to a friend to translate the shape.
By rachharrison

110 Maths Starters In 1 File - Excel Reusable Differentiated Questions To Support Mastery


110 Maths Starters In 1 File - Dynamic Reusable Differentiated Questions To Support Mastery And Consolidation
Starters include:
Solving Equations - integer solutions, negative and fraction solutions.
Solving Equations with variables on both sides
Solving Simultaneous Equations
Trial and Improvement
Expanding Brackets (Linear)
Factorising (Linear)
Expanding Brackets (Quadratic)
Factorising (Quadratic); standard, complex, difference of two squares and completing the square.
Generating Sequences
nth Term sequences
Listing Inequalities
Transformations of Graphs
Worded Equations
Collecting Like Terms
Multiplying Terms
Trigonometry - 5 activity types.
Pythagoras - 3 activities; finding hypotenuse, finding shorter side, full mix.
Angles - basic arithmetic, basic turns, triangles, special triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, parallel lines.
Area and perimeter - rectangles and squares, triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums, circles, full mix revision.
Volume of Prisms
Similar Shapes
Speed Distance Time
Basic arithmetic (- +-x÷ from single digits to 2 and 3 digit calculations)
Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication,Division,Long Division,Calculations with and without working,
Calculations with missing numbers (promotes "opposite operations")
Rounding Off (10, 100, 1000, 1, 1dp, 2dp, 3dp, 1sig fig, 2sig fig, 3sig, fig)
Calculating with Upper and Lower Bounds
Decimal Written Calculations
Deriving Multiplication Facts
Best Value
Exchange Rates
Equivalent Fractions
Cancelling Fractions Down (simplest terms)
Fraction to Decimal Conversions
Fraction of Amounts (Calc and non-calc)
Mixed numbers and Improper Fractions Conversions
11 Question Fraction Revision Section (with notes)
Finding Percent of an amount (non calculator)
Finding Percent of an amount (calculator)
Percent Change
Reverse Percent Change
Simple and Compound Interest
Write as a Percent
Writing Numbers (Place Value)
Powers and Roots (Calc and Non-calc, Squares, Cubes, Sqr Roots, Cube Roots and higher powers)
Standard Form
Types of numbers (listing square numbers, primes, factors and multiples)
Product of Prime Factors
Finding Averages (MMMR)
Finding Averages (MMMR + IQR)
Reverse Averages
Finding Averages from Frequency Tables
Probability - Decimals, Fractions, Percents, OR and AND rule
Tree Diagrams,Venn Diagrams
Pie Charts,Bar Charts
Two Way Tables
By MrP

GCSE 9-1 revision booklets

These booklets can be found at https://www.piximaths.co.uk/revision-materials

I have removed them in the hope it prevents other TES users selling what will always be a free resource.

Things to remember, questions to answer and useful websites for support (you will need to personalise the back page for your school). Answers are also included. I have tried to include the whole specification across all the booklets, so please let me know if you think I have missed anything. I have targeted the booklets at students aiming for a grade 1, grade 3, grade 5, grade 7and grade 9. Hopefully you and your students find these useful (and cheaper to print than to buy published resources). Please let me know what you think.

Huge thanks to TES user vvanpelt for putting together the grade 9 answer booklet - saved me a mammoth task! :)
By PixiMaths

Volume worksheet

A worksheet with quesitons about volume of cubes, cuboids and some compound 3D shapes. Answers provided.
By sessa1

Adding and subtracting fractions (differentiated)

Two worksheets to help practise adding and subtracting fractions. Worksheet 1 concentrates on fractions with the same denominators. Worksheet 2 has fractions with different denominators.
By kittykat_102

GCSE Maths revision checklist with questions.

This checklist lists every topic in the GCSE higher specification. There is an example question for each topic. Solutions are available - please email me at robertcleaver.26@gmail.com
By rcleaver26