End-of-term quizzes for RE

Engaging quizzes and games to help you to wrap up the end of the academic year with your KS3, KS4 and post-16 RE classes

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Embrace that summer feeling with this collection of light-hearted, end-of-year activities

With the summer holidays in touching distance, you can finally afford to take your foot off the peddle and really enjoy the last few lessons of term. Of course that doesn't mean learning has to stop!

We’ve collated the very best quizzes and games, covering a variety of religions and ethical topics, to ensure your hardworking students end the year on a high.


If your learners are talking about their far-flung holiday plans, why not jump on the global bandwagon with this world religions quiz? You'll not only cover the key aspects of all six major religions, but also create more culturally aware travellers.

Recap Christian practices and beliefs with this comprehensive team quiz, in which GCSE students are given three hints for each of the 60 keyword-focused clue cards. Alternatively, this six-round quiz on religious philosophy and ultimate questions is a great way of consolidating knowledge while having a bit of fun. 


Why not captivate young learners using this simple game of dominoes with a twist? In this version, pupils match keywords to definitions about the Sikh faith. Or, for something involing the whole class, try this imaginative gameexploring whether it’s always best to know the truth.

Dive head first into examining ethical dilemmas using this utilitarianism game, which sees students applying the Hedonic Calculus to a variety of scenarios in order to get the best score.  

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World Religions: Quiz

World Religions: Quiz

World Religions: Quiz PowerPoint quiz about the world s major religions: Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Sikhism Buddhism What do you know about world religions? 35 questions 38 slides in total.
Sikhism Keyword Dominoes

Sikhism Keyword Dominoes

These dominoes can be used as part of a lesson to check understanding of keywords and terms that students have learnt about the Sikh faith. Students match their keyword with the definition in a big game of dominoes which can be played as a whole class or as a matching game or print off the game ...
The Uncomfortable Truth Game
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The Uncomfortable Truth Game

This is a game I created and use with Y9 as part of a SOW that addresses the question of 'What is real?' This game features in a lesson on the Matrix and we explore whether or not students think it's always best to know the truth. The link to the film is made through the choice of the red and b...