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Sian Evans
08th February 2017
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Stretch and challenge more-able students with this selection of thought-provoking activities

RE lessons are naturally filled with complex concepts and while some students may struggle to get to grips with the key ideas, others will crave time to think about them more deeply. Reflective tasks and extension activities are a great way of keeping the more-inquisitive engaged throughout the whole lesson.

We’ve hand-picked a range of resources designed to encourage higher-ability pupils to ask probing questions and investigate challenging topics in more detail. 

KS3 resources

Motivate students to think more deeply about different religions and the way they fit into the wider world using this collection of big questions. Similarly, this selection of homework tasks*, including creative activities and extended writing exericese, is ideal for challenging pupils to further explore the unit they are studying. 

Encourage early finishers to develop their debating skills with this outline worksheet, which asks them to plot out balanced arguments, as well as rebuttals, on a question related to the lesson.

KS4 and post-16 resources

Use this editable writing frame to help learners focus on answering each part of a typical exam question. 

Alternatively, stimulate discussion and debate on complex ideas about the refugee crisis and humanity’s duty to shelter them with this challenging lesson, designed to stretch pupils as they analyse sources.

For older students, these reflection cards can deepen thinking in any topic area by asking them to consider consequences, clarify responses and explore alternative perspectives.

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