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13th August 2019
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Resources, activities and ideas to prepare for those first few days back at school

As the new academic year looms and that back-to-school feeling descends, your thoughts may turn to those first lessons, tutor time sessions and assemblies. We've picked out some quality resources to facilitate a smooth transition out of holiday mode and into school life again.

SMART target setting powerpoint

Used with Y7 through to Y11 - examples of how to set SMART targets

If this is useful, then let me know.

By bringhurstand

Back To School Icebreakers

As you know, the first few days of school set the tone for the rest of the year. Start out right with this set of ❄️11 FUN ICEBREAKERS.❄️ NO PREP REQUIRED! Just pop these up on your screen, or print them out and let the fun begin!

This super versatile collection of icebreakers works with any group, anywhere. Whether you have a room full of wild EIGHT YEAR OLDS, rows of nervous JUNIOR HIGH KIDS, or an audience of ADULT PROFESSIONALS, this bundle will get people up collaborating, talking, and building positive relationships with each other in no time. If you want to leave your students fresh, energized, and ready to work together, this is for you.

The bundle includes a FULLY EDITABLE PowerPoint so your audience can easily follow each activity, and also comes with a landscape PDF booklet if you prefer to hand out hard copies. This will save you valuable time on your first day: everything here is no prep and ready to roll.

These are also great activities all year round when you need to break down the barriers holding your group back from becoming a team. TEAM BUILDING MADE EASY AND FUN!

The bundle includes a fully-editable PowerPoint so your audience can easily follow each activity, and also comes with a landscape PDF booklet if you prefer to hand out hard copies. This will save you valuable time on your first day: everything here is no prep and ready to roll.

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About Innovative Teaching Ideas

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By Innovativeteachingideas

English Icebreaker: Thingys in a Minute

A fun icebreaker for induction week.
This is an English themed take on one of my family's Christmas games. It aims at encouraging the students to work together, recall names and details of each other.

Divide students into teams, decide the order of play and explain the following:

The tutor picks a task card at random and reads it to the team.

The team must decide which of its members is going to complete the task on the card. That team member cannot play again until everyone in the team has completed a task (this is to encourage involvement and to add a tactical element to to game).

The class as a whole will ensure that the task is performed correctly.

Where the team member completes the task the team earns a point.

You can easily increase the difficulty of the task by simply increasing or decreasing the numbers given. Likewise, you can easily add your own, or change the subject theme.
By Rhyland15

Funny Icebreaker Questions

I use this list all the time a list of Funny Icebreaker Questions that can be used with any age group even in staff meetings
By magicmagic

Back to School Assembly

Welcome back! An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to help your students think about what they want to achieve on the next stage of life's journey. There&'s a short film, some games and a PowerPoint presentation too. More resources like this can be downloaded for free from:
By TrueTube

jigsaw piece

A jigsaw piece that can be reproduced as many times as needed. The pieces will interlock together to make a jisaw as big or as small as you need. This piece fits on an A4 piece of paper, but obviously can be enlarged on a photocopier. Brilliant resource for work with your new class. Activity based on how well they fit together. they create a jigsaw piece about themselves, and then fit them together, and learn about each other.
By virgilsgirl

IB Learner Profile Display

I have got inspiration for this display from this resource.

I have inlcuded an .ai file which is scaleable to what ever size you want. If you want to download as A3 find the file called “display-ib.docx”.

By colin_chambers

Essay Writing Skills: Classroom Display

This 55 page pack continues all the headings to create a ‘Essay Writing Skills’ classroom display. Just print, cut and stick!

By IThinkThereforeITeach

Going for gold! Plan for your future goals

“Going for gold” is a classroom topic about how to plan for short and long term goals. It helps students to understand that planning for their goals is an important step in achieving them, and that breaking down a long term goal into smaller steps will help to keep them on track and make their more complex goals achievable. Students will try out a goal planning exercise and reflect on how this could be useful to them in the future.
This topic supports the learning outcomes in the Association for Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) framework for career and work-related learning at Key Stage 4 but can be used with a range of groups depending on their needs and abilities, and provides good evidence of lesson planning. Two files are included with this topic. The first file is a lesson plan, worksheets and suggested running order for the activities. The lesson plan also includes differentiated learning goals, reflective questions and a “before and after” review of learning relating to this topic. The second file is a slide show presentation which can be used with a whiteboard or pc/laptop and projector, to add structure to the lesson for students. The slideshow has the same running order as the lesson plan, and includes modern and striking imagery to appeal to young adult learners.
By knowledgeandskills

Positive Thinking Assembly

This assembly provides your students with strategies to think more positively. It gives a metaphor that positivity is like a huge jar of nutella, and they can dip their finger in whenever they wish to pull out some positivity! It covers the following strategies:

Smiling and Laughter
practicing Gratitude
Positive Affirmations
Avoiding Negative People
Doing something kind

It’s a fun assembly that uses humor and facts to convey it’s message. I got lots of positive feed back from students and staff after delivering this assembly!
Approx 15 - 20 mins long depending on your speed. It includes a poem that you could take out if you wished to shorten it.

Also included are a Positive Thinking Poster, and come Positive Thinking Nutella jars to laminate and stick around your school to remind people to ‘Think Positive’. (Staff Included!)

By Arty Teacher

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