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Macbeth: A Complete Scheme of Work: With Resources

A complete scheme of work and accompanying powerpoints with a variety of printable worksheets and activities including reading, writing, and speaking& listening tasks for Macbeth by William Shakespeare.
By sianbrowett

AQA New Spec. Romeo and Juliet. Scheme of Work

44 detailed lessons which covers plot, characters, themes and context.

Learning objectives are linked to the new AQA spec assessment objectives.
By AmyJaney88

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Resources

A complete scheme of work for 11-14 year olds with ready to use adaptable lesson plan presentations studying The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Holocaust novel. Adapted from a scheme of work online, and can be further adapted if you wish. Assessment at the end of the unit is included.
By krista_carson

Describing a setting

Activities designed to help students appeal to a range of senses and include a variety of language devices in their writing when describing settings.
By HPoirot

Punctuation Worksheets

We initially designed these worksheets to be used in 20 minute tutor periods across the whole of KS3 as part of a Literacy drive. However, they could also be used as starters in skills-based lessons; maybe in the build-up to Functional Skills tests? We hope they're useful, either way! N.B. The &'worksheets&'; can be projected onto whiteboards: printing/photocopying not necessarily required.
By TheConnaughtSchool

Remains - Simon Armitage - AQA Poetry - Power and Conflict

An outstanding and engaging lesson on Simon Armitage's 'Remains'.
Assessment Objectives linked to the New AQA English Literature Specification.

This presentation will last 2/3 lessons and includes:
Visually engaging slides
Extension tasks
Think, Pair and Share Opportunities
Contextual Information on the author and PTSD.
A reading of the poem
In depth stanza by stanza analysis
Unfamiliar Vocabulary - Imagery Grid
Exploration of form, structure, language, effect and colloquialisms within the poem
Questions for understanding
Longer Essay Question
Relevant and engaging plenary to consolidate the students' learning

A must have for anyone looking to teach 'Remains'.
By russellhealy