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1000s of resources to help great teachers create great lessons

With just a few clicks you’ll have 1000s of of fun, interactive and printable teaching resources ready to go – to inspire young minds, raise attainment and take a big weight off your shoulders, all for one great value yearly subscription fee.

Subscription Packages

  • Elements Number


    From zero….to infinity and beyond! This package covers all things numbers, with fun, inspiring, interactive games, activities and worksheets.

    £12 /year
  • Elements SPaG


    Get your pupils on the way to super spelling and grammatical greatness, with our comprehensive KS1 & KS2 Spag package.

    £12 /year
  • Elements Phonics


    For supersonic phonics this is your package! Get a fully voiced, systematic and comprehensive programme to fully prepare your pupils.

    £12 /year
  • Elements Ultimate


    Supersize your teaching impact and downsize your workload with the ultimate teacher powerpack! Great value for all eight of our collections – and you'll never be stuck for a lesson again!

    £30 /year

School subscription

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Give all your staff access to 1000s of interactive, fun teaching resources – a jam-packed collection of Spag, number and phonics resources, and much, much more – all fully mapped to the national curriculum. Raise the attainment levels of your pupils, and help take a weight off the workload of your school’s most valuable resource – the teachers!

  • School subscription is just £120 per year for 30 accounts across the school
  • Consists of access to the Ultimate package – with everything needed to teach the core subjects for all ages, and to get pupils Sats ready
  • 1000s of ready-made, interactive and printable teaching resources that teachers and pupils will love
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Tes elements Collections

As well as the Number, Spag and Phonics packages, the Ultimate package also includes five more outstanding collections listed below. You’ll never be stuck for ready-made quality-assured resources that will always be a classroom hit!

  • Spag

    A comprehensive Spag collection, fully aligned and covering everything in the national curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Fun interactives, ready-to-go worksheets and more.

  • Number

    Covering all things number, from addition to subtraction, times tables and division, through to time, money and fractions. All wrapped up in a range of fun, inspiring interactive games, worksheets and activities.

  • Phonics

    A fully-voiced, systematic and comprehensive programme with everything you’ll need to prepare your pupils for phonics screening. Bring the letters and sounds to life for your class, with interactives, flashcards, worksheets and stories.

  • Literacy

    Stimulate imaginations with this series of digital books. With two reading levels, audio-support and materials to support discussion and writing.

    Ultimate Package Only
  • Comprehension

    Ensure your pupils are prepared for Sats with this series of fiction and non-fiction interactive texts, accompanying comprehension tasks and questions.

    Ultimate Package Only
  • History

    Spark curiosity, discussion and research with these interactive packs and task sheets from the Stone Age to the Vikings.

    Ultimate Package Only
  • PSHE

    Find a great way to explore themes of family, friendship, staying safe and making good choices with these everyday stories.

    Ultimate Package Only
  • Topical

    Never miss a festival or celebration with these fun, interactive materials, assemblies and more.

    Ultimate Package Only

What our customers say

"There is nothing in school or on the web structured like it There is plenty of dry material out there, but nothing with fun games"

- Catherine, Year 6 Teacher

“The resources have been revolutionary for getting students through Sats”

– Will, KS2 Teacher

“The content is really good, and it has saved me lots of resourcing time”

– Beverly, KS1 & KS2 Tutor

“The resources are great, and the pupils love them, It’s really helpful!”

– Helen, Year 2/3 Teacher