Podcast: How to set a great MFL quiz

Low-stakes testing can be a quick and easy way to boost learning and increase confidence - but they require time and thought too

Teacher and pupil looking at computer in lesson

Getting children engaged in languages can be tough, especially if they lack confidence in their abilities. Low-stakes testing can be a great way to tackle this, though, by boosting confidence and showing them how much they know.

It can also be a useful way to embed vocabulary, grammar and syntax rules to complement existing lessons plans. However, deriving these benefits requires thought from teachers on how best to structure a quiz, the content that needs particularly focus and picking up on any issues that may arise.

We spoke with Dr Heather Martin, a former language teacher and academic, and KS4 MFL teacher Adam Lamb, to get their insights on what makes for a good MFL quiz and how to ensure it best suits the needs of the pupils you are teaching.

This sponsored podcast was produced in association with Quizlet.