WATCH: How to make your application form stand out

Standing out on your application form is crucial for teachers keen to get an interview for their dream job. Grainne Hallahan speaks to some experts to get their top tips on how to get yourself top of the shortlist

Grainne Hallahan

Make a good first impression at interview

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tes Career Clinic series.

In these videos, I’m going to help you on your journey to finding the perfect teaching job.

Here I take a look at the art of writing an amazing job application.

Once you've found a dream job to apply for, writing the job application can feel like a daunting task. It's so important you don't fall foul of the temptation to undersell yourself. 

How to stand out in your application form when applying for UK schools 

Your application form is your chance to shine- however, you also have to make sure you're aware of what the shortlister will be looking for.

I spoke to Melissa Heppell, headteacher at Atlantic Inspirations in Portland. She explains what impresses her on an application form, and how a teacher can use their personality to shine in their personal statement.

We also spoke to Adam Dean, headteacher designate for Chatten Free School in Essex, about the different ways you can impress the shortlister in your application form.

How to stand out in your application form when applying for international schools

Applying for a teaching post overseas can feel like a daunting task- even if you've taught internationally before, no two international schools are the same.

I asked Liz Cloke, head of secondary at Tenby International School in Malaysia, for her top tips for making your application form stand out for all the right reasons.

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Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan is Tes recruitment editor and senior content writer at Tes

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