WATCH: How to plan your recruitment

Recruiting teachers is no easy task. Grainne Hallahan speaks to two leaders to find out how they keep their schools well-staffed

Planning your recruitment with Grainne Hallahan

Keeping a school fully staffed may be harder today than ever.

The ongoing recruitment crisis means fewer teachers are available, while the increase in international schools means good educators are increasingly in demand in sunnier climes.  

But there are still lots of good candidates out there.

Having a robust recruitment and retention strategy in place can help ensure that you’re attracting staff, keeping them happy and making them less likely to look elsewhere.

We spoke to two leaders to get their insights on how schools approach their recruitment planning:

Planning your recruitment (UK schools)

Jo Facer is principal at Ark Soane Academy in the UK. She explains some of the complexities of staffing a brand new school and why having open conversations with staff about their career objectives is key.

Planning your recruitment (International schools)

Chris Sammons, principal at West Island School in Hong Kong, explains the complexities that come with recruiting teachers from a global pool of candidates.

For more help on how to recruit top teachers, check out our Attract hub page.

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