ESL Teacher

Concordia International School NingboNingbo, China

As the ESL Early Years Specialist at Concordia International School, Ningbo you will apply the most effective teaching practices for children ages 3-8, based on pedagogical theory. The ESL Early Years Specialist creates, analyzes, and adapts lesson plans for this age group, and works with other teachers to foster an appropriate and fun teaching environment that maximizes student participation in the English language.

The ESL Early Years specialist works with other teachers and alone to create learning experiences that are contextualized and part of a real event, such as a project or investigation, where the content is social, interesting, relevant and enjoyable. The learning experiences designed by the ESL Early Years Specialist creates learning opportunities that belong to the child and has purpose for the child; which builds upon the child’s intellect and also challenges the child, who is supported appropriately.

The ESL specialist will co-support and co-design programs that are part of a coherent whole, multisensory, active and experiential, memorable, designed to provide for personal, divergent responses and multiple intelligences, offered in a relaxed and warm learning atmosphere and focused on meaning.

You will deliver integrated language instruction with mainstream curriculum, use task-based, project-based, and content-based approaches to provide fun in the classroom, set up children for success and foster learner autonomy.

The ESL Early Years specialist is expected to used technology appropriately and use a standards-based curriculum such as Cambridge English: Young Learners. All materials and curricula need to be culturally and linguistically appropriate.

You will be willing to learn about local and national culture and cultures of other countries. You will be committed to help children develop intercultural competence and grow in understanding of their own culture. Teachers who educate students on English as a second language need to be insightful and sensitive as well as aware of the multiculturalism in their classroom and beyond.


ESL teachers at the elementary level are focused on teaching young language learners to use English in a variety of settings. They may:

  • Be involved in co-teaching with other preschool and primary teachers
  • Teach English for a variety of social settings
  • Teach students to use effective learning strategies
  • Teach word classes, grammar structures and how to use language for different functions
  • Teach vocabulary: key concepts, word formation and combining words
  • Teach Pronunciation: key concepts, word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation.
  • Teach children to read English with both fluency and comprehension
  • Develop young learners listening, speaking reading and writing skills in the primary classroom
  • Develop materials and resources, implement, support and/or lead in the production and improvement of curriculum planning as appropriate, and undertake other academic project work as directed.
  • Assist with project-based teaching while integrating skills.
  • Manage intercultural differences in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of the primary ESL learner
  • Plan lessons and a program of work.
  • Provide formative and summative assessments of language learning in the primary context
  • Employ appropriate instructional strategies for preschool and primary learners
  • Be empathetic to a student's migration experience and its stressors
  • Be aware of the level of development in a student's first language and how this may impact ESL learning
  • Be aware of student's prior experiences with English and English-speaking culture
  • Provide extracurricular and in-classroom opportunities for English interaction
  • Evaluate student's English comprehension and listening strategies, model more sophisticated strategies as students skills progress
  • Accommodate 1-2-1 tuition where necessary
  • Maintain current lesson plans, assessment data (i.e., grades), and attendance records using a defined school-sanctioned electronic interface.
  • Attend academic, departmental, and school meetings when required, and attend/deliver professional development sessions as directed.
  • Supervise and accompany students on excursions, as appropriate, ensuring their safety and welfare at all times.
  • Participating as a member of the faculty on school committees and professional association activities.
  • Address and respond to student issues/emergencies as needed.
  • Be aware of your responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young persons you are responsible for/come into contact with during your employment and be fully aware of the School Safeguarding Policy.
  • Any other duties that are deemed necessary by the principal as part of your work


  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) from an accredited college/university
  • CELTA/Trinity/TESOL II
  • CELT-P (Cambridge English Language Teaching – Primary) or other Young Learners Certification
  • 3 years’ experience teaching learners of preschool and age
  • Working within a diverse environment of international learners and their parents
  • Excellent oral and writing skills
  • Capacity for prioritizing conflicting demands
  • Intercultural competence
  • Ability to gather facts and to analyze situations objectively, accurately, and in an organized fashion
  • Demonstrates good critical thinking skills
  • Attentive to deadlines
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Supports the aims, objectives, goals, ethos, and mission of the school

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