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Finding a teaching job in Australia is now easier than ever with Tes Jobs, so whether seeking a teacher job in Sydney, a leadership job in Brisbane or a school librarian vacancy in Melbourne, the Australia’s best and most trusted resource for teachers can help you find your dream school job. Tes is the UK’s leading network of teaching and school professionals and hosts the internet’s premier database of school jobs in Australia. Location-based searching means finding your ideal commute is easy, from those subway-travellers who want to stick to city-centre schools, to those looking for teaching jobs outside of the big cities, Tes Jobs lists teaching vacancies, school jobs, and education career opportunities from all over England, to ensure you find your dream match.

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Find your next teaching job in Australia with Tes Jobs. With roles across primary, secondary and further education, teachers make us their first choice when choosing an Australia teaching position. Whether you’re looking for an independent school job, a position at a Catholic school or would like to work at a state school, you’ll find the latest teaching vacancies here.

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