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Total Remuneration Package: Remuneration package valued at $134,421.00. This position attracts a base salary of $121,273.00, plus leave loading and employer's contribution to superannuation.
School Name Brisbane Water Secondary College Woy Woy Campus
Principal Network Brisbane Water
Staffing Area Central Coast
 FTE 1.000

Contact Name Rebecca Cooper
Contact Phone number 0243411600

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 Teaching Service 
Position Information 

Brisbane Water Secondary College (BWSC) was established in 2002 to expand the educational opportunities of students on the Peninsula by offering a collaborative approach from across one school with two distinct campuses. BWSC is a dynamic comprehensive, co–educational, 7–12 College that was established to provide pedagogy in learning environments that caters to the nature and specific needs of middle year’s learners and senior learners.

The senior campus of 650 students with 12% Aboriginal students at Woy Woy caters for students in Years 10–12 and provides flexible access to opportunities including in excess of 50 senior courses, Health Services training, sporting academies, a recording studio and a full suite of vocational courses and SBAT opportunities. We have three special education classes specialising in intellectual disabilities and a multi category class.

BWSC is a proud member of the Brisbane Water Learning Community (BWLC) which includes five partner primary schools. A shared commitment to the vision of a united cohesive K–12 curriculum delivery through quality teaching is the alliances mandate. The BWLC work together with our local AECG to co– create and collaborate. This includes the Aboriginal Cultural Continuum K–12.

For more information about our school please visit: http://www.woywoy-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/

Specific Selection Criteria 
Applicants must satisfy the teacher training and academic qualification requirements for this position. In addition to the general selection criteria, 

Demonstrated capacity as an effective educational leader, including strategic leadership of planning and improvement processes and ability to work as a member of the School Executive Team in implementing the School Plan.

Demonstrated capacity to lead the implementation of innovative programs that support highly effective, future focused learning for all in personal development, health and physical education.

Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team, including the ability to professionally develop, lead, mentor and support staff in building their capacity to contribute to the PDHPE faculty and whole school priorities, in addition to building positive relationships with students, staff and the community.

Proven ability to supervise the organisation of sport, carnivals and the promotion of sport in the school with the capacity to further develop a culture of high expectations for students and staff at a faculty and whole school level.

General Selection Criteria 
1. Successful teaching experience with capacity to initiate improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice
2. Knowledge of curriculum, assessment and student welfare with the ability to lead and design quality, inclusive teaching and learning programs
3. Educational leadership skills to build the capacity and manage the performance of individuals and teams
4. Well developed communication and interpersonal skills with the capacity to build relationships and engage students, staff and parents
5. Ability to plan and manage resources effectively and equitably to support teaching and learning
6. Knowledge of and commitment to the Department's Aboriginal education policies

An unconditional full approval to teach is a requirement. If you do not hold a full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education, you are required to commence the application process at the same time as you apply for this teaching opportunity.

Special Notes 

The Eligibility Requirements for Head Teacher Positions in NSW Government Schools are located at https://policies.education.nsw.gov.au/policy-library/policies/head-teacher-eligibility-requirements-policy

Applicants are to include details of their WWCC clearance number as part of this application.


To ensure that your application complies with the guideline page limits your attachments must be in PDF format.

New merit selection application guidelines for classroom teachers, executives and principals have been introduced to provide greater clarity to applicants and selection panels. The guidelines were in effect on positions advertised from Wednesday 10th June 2020. The guidelines are located at: https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/careers-at-education/roles-and-locations/roles-at-education/teaching/addressing-selection-criteria.html 


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