WATCH: How to make your interview a success

In the race for a new teaching job, your interview is the last hurdle to clear. Grainne Hallahan speaks to some experts to get their advice on how to ensure your interview showcases your teaching talents

Grainne Hallahan

Teacher recruitment: What will you be asked in a teacher job interview?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tes Career Clinic series.

In these videos, I’m going to help you on your journey to finding the perfect teaching job.

Here I take a look at the nail-biting moment of the interview.

When that email lands in your inbox announcing you've been invited for interview, you'll probably feel a mix of emotions. Joy that you've clearly impressed with your application, and then apprehension when you start to think ahead to the actual day.  

How to ensure your interview is a success when applying for UK schools 

Although you've clearly impressed the school with your application form, that doesn't mean the job is in the bag.

I spoke to Dame Alice Hudson, executive headteacher of Twyford Church of England Academies Trust in west London. She gave her thoughts on how candidates can impress in their interview by ensuring their answers include what the headteacher is looking for. Dame Alice also makes some suggestions for pre-interview reading that will give candidates something to discuss during the course of their interview day.

How to ensure your interview is a success when applying for international schools

Interviews for teaching posts in international schools are quite different to what you may have experienced in the UK. Typically they take place over a longer time period, and it isn't always possible to interview teachers in-person.

I asked Sarah Cullen, an English teacher at the British Vietnamese International School in Ho Chi Minh City, to share her tips for ensuring your interview for an international role goes as smoothly as possible.

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Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan is Tes recruitment editor and senior content writer at Tes

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