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Five ready-made ways to use Quizlet in your secondary classroom (sponsored)

This mobile and web-based study app provides students with innovative ways to learn via a plethora of tools and games

How to use Quizlet with your secondary classroom

This mobile and web-based study app provides students with innovative ways to learn via a plethora of tools and games

Quizlet provides teachers and students with a plethora of unique and engaging ways to learn both in the classroom and at home. Students love technology, so pairing it with learning is a win for both the teacher and the students. Here are five tried and tested ways to use Quizlet in your classroom.

Encourage collaboration

Once vocabulary words are loaded into Quizlet, teachers can use Quizlet Live as a competitive game in the classroom. Students are able to work together in teams to determine definitions and race against the clock to be the first team to complete all 10 definitions. Not only are students able to work on definitions and content, but they also work on collaboration skills with peers.

An added bonus is that the Quizlet deck can be shared with students for flashcard review and practice at home. The days of each student hand-creating flashcards on cardstock and index cards are a thing of the past.

Quizlet Live

One-to-one learning

Students love a challenge and a game. Why not pair the two concepts?  Launching the Gravity application will allow students to play a game to destroy asteroids through spelling the word or definition of the word shown. The addition of the special characters is perfect for the foreign language classroom. This activity is a great way for students to engage with the concepts one to one.  

one to one learning with Quizlet

Practise recognition of spoken words

Do your students need to practise spelling words or work on recognition of spoken words? Through Quizlet, students can work on spelling and determining words through oral recognition. This is such a powerful way for students to practise sounds that make words.   

Improving listening skills and spelling with Quizlet

Use diagrams for visual learners

Visual representation of words and pictures is a key way to help students better understand concepts. By creating a diagram with various labels on a picture, students can better comprehend. Interacting with and visualising content helps students better memorise information. In addition to the labels that are placed on the diagram, the definition of the word can be attached as well. This could easily be used as a matching activity for students in a variety of content areas. When students hover over the dots, they are able to see the word.

Diagrams with Quizlet

Writing practice

Providing students with an image while writing gives them the opportunity to make better connections with the word and definition. By using the Write feature in Quizlet, students can practise their ability to identify a word and definition through visual and written means.  

Identifying words and definitions with Quizlet

All students learn differently and by providing them with a variety of activities (visual, listening, writing), teachers are giving all students an equal chance of being able to better embed and cement content. One of the great things about Quizlet is that decks can be shared with students, so they can have time to practise at home, too. Another excellent resource is searching for content already created by other educators like yourself. Try some of these quick activities in your classroom today.

Rochelle Maynard is a Spanish teacher and technology integrationist from MVAO Community School District in Mapleton, Iowa