Watch: how to develop your new teachers with CPD

Keeping hold of good teachers is paramount if a school wants to succeed. In this webinar, Joanne Tiplady explores some strategies for developing early career staff.

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Could Teacher CPD Help Solve The Retention Crisis?

Retaining and developing early career teachers is a challenge faced by schools up and down the country.

Almost a third of UK teachers leave the profession within the first five years, so how can leaders ensure that new staff are given the career development they need without adding to an already weighty workload?

Watch Joanne Tiplady, curriculum and research lead for TEAL Trust and the Wolds Associate Research School and teacher at South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire, as she discusses what really effective early career CPD looks like.

In this video, she’ll explore some of the most effective strategies for providing quality, relevant training to your new staff.


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