WATCH: Tips for embedding wellbeing at your school

Join Matt Seddon as he explains how his school in Hong Kong has made staff and student wellbeing a priority

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How to make staff and student wellbeing a priority at your school

Below is a recording of a Tes webinar produced in association with Staff Pulse from 21 October 2020.

The past year has brought about huge challenges for school leaders. While initially school closures posed a multitude of logistical hurdles, more recently the focus has shifted to the mental health of staff and students who had their lives turned upside down as the world went into lockdown.

For some schools, this has meant a reassessment of priorities but for others, such as Kellet in Hong Kong, wellbeing has long been at the top of the agenda.

In the following webinar, head of senior school Matt Seddon explains some of the ways in which the school has made wellbeing a priority through the implementation of Positivity Kellet – the school's internationally-recognised strategic approach to wellbeing and positive education.

Matt Seddon webinar





Student wellbeing measurement tools

  • PASS - Pupil Attitude to Self and School
  • AWE - Assessing Wellbeing in Education
  • SAQI - School Attitude Questionnaire Internet 

Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Fridays are a joint student and staff initiative which developed organically at Kellett School in Hong Kong. They are designed to be free to implement, and send students into the weekend feeling great. They have had a tremendous impact and provide a great way to start a journey into wellbeing.


Matt Seddon is head of senior school at Kellet, The British International School in Hong Kong. You can reach him via Twitter, email and Linkedin

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