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Huili School HangzhouHangzhou, China

Teaching Opportunities with Wellington College in China

Wellington College China has schools in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin. Our schools, for pupils aged 2 to 18, are expanding rapidly, so we are looking for talented teachers in most subjects. We offer attractive packages and prioritise teachers’ professional and career development. The Wellington schools in China all have world-class facilities and resources.


Huili School Hangzhou is seeking an experienced DT Teacher. The Teacher works to provide education to the pupils based on the Wellington College philosophy and ethos. He/She must support each individual pupil’s growth and development, encouraging them as Wellingtonians to be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. The teacher must demonstrate an understanding of the wider curriculum and administration needs of the school, and achieve high standards by responding professionally, sensitively and caringly to the needs of the pupils.


To assume responsibility for teaching DT lessons in the college , under the direction of the Heads of DT.


The successful candidate will play a key role in the development of DT curriculum at Huili School Hangzhou. The School is looking for a candidate who would relish the challenge of establishing the subject in a new school.  

The DT teacher will have the responsibility for the planning and teaching of the subject to the designated class, the content of each lesson being determined by the School curriculum and by the Head of DT and HSH Head of Primary or Junior High. The teacher will ensure that the subject is delivered in a way that provides coverage, progression and continuity. The teacher will also be required to carry out other such duties as the Heads may reasonably direct from time to time. He/she is expected to display the highest standards of professionalism in his/her teaching and in his/her relationships with colleagues and parents.

The teacher must ensure that an excellent learning environment is provided for the learning of DT, and that the students develop a positive attitude to the subject within the College. The teacher must present lessons in a structured and coordinated manner with due regard to the ability of the students and the curriculum targets of the year group.

Essential Subject Skills

1. Strong knowledge of DT curriculum preferably with IGCSE experience

2. Some experience of leadership skills

3. Ability to communicate concrete and abstract concepts to students

4. Ability to spot and cultivate creativity

5. Experience working in an international school.

6. Willingness to contribute to the teaching of DT skills.

7. Some experience in leading DT activities with Primary and Junior High year groups.

College Rules and Standards

1. Apply consistently and diligently the rules of the College in order to maintain discipline, standards of dress and to safeguard the happiness, safety and well-being of all students. To ensure that students know, understand and follow the College rules.  

2. Set high standards with regard to punctuality and to insist on the same from the students. To encourage good time-keeping amongst the students, monitor lateness within the class and provide remedies, both individual and general, to rectify its occurrence.   

3. Ensure attendance in school between stipulated hours and to attend all meetings/functions deemed to be directed time.

4. Request approval from the Master, via the Head of the Primary or Junior High, for any absence from the school and to give notice to appropriate people. Wherever possible, to make medical appointments outside normal directed working time.

5. Maintain smart and professional standards of appearance.

Learning and Teaching

1. Work with students at all levels to encourage and assist students to express themselves through art and DT.

2. Contribute to the holistic well-being of all pupils and specifically to those assigned to your individual care.

3. Make all students aware of the Wellington College Mission Statement, values and Identity base including their values, aims, and display them in an innovative and informative fashion in the classroom and adjacent corridors.

4. Complete teaching plans on time and to a high standard.

5. Assess regularly the students’ work by means of formative and formal termly/half-termly assessments, as directed by the Head of Primary/Junior High. Communicate regarding any student whose progress or behaviour gives cause for concern.

6. Oversee and implement the school Homework policy for DT classes.  

7. Ensure that the examples of the students’ work are displayed and presented to a high standard in the classroom, and, where appropriate, throughout the school. Also, ensure that these displays are changed regularly.

8. Monitor and evaluate constantly the effectiveness of your own teaching, maintaining good standards of practice and ensuring progression. 

9. Participate fully in the Staff Appraisal system, with classroom observation of colleagues and a willingness to be personally observed within the classroom. Submit books, records or planning as required for monitoring by colleagues. 

10. Be involved in developing, implementing and monitoring all School policies regarding DT, and to assist in the necessary documentation pertaining to the subject, where required.

Home-School communication

1. Make parents feel welcome and build good relationship with parents.

2. Introduce information regarding DT curriculum.

3. Collect information of pupils’ interests and growth from parents.

4. Stimulate pupils’ study by making use of parents’ strengths.

5. Provide consultations and support to parents’ enquiries.

6. Communicate with parents on a regular basis. 

7. Attend Parents’ Meetings as required and provide accurate, honest information regarding the progress of individuals in DT. 

8. Report to the parents in the form of regular written reports, and when additionally required.


Education: Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate or equivalent.

Major: Design, Fine Arts or related majors

Language: Fluent English speaker and/or fluent Chinese speaker

Working Experience: A minimum of 2 years working experience in DT 


 Knowledge of Visual Arts and DT teaching


 Be able to assess pupils’ interests, needs and developments

 Be able to develop curriculum

 Open, proactive, patient and caring

 Proficiency in Microsoft Office

 International and bilingual school working experience is preferred

 Cross-cultural working experience is preferred

Please email us your CV and cover letter with a photo to indicating the position you are applying for in the subject header.