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Digital Transformation Manager - January 2021 start

RAK AcademyUnited Arab Emirates

We are seeking a dynamic and committed Digital Transformation Manager to join us in January 2021.

Nestled between the Al Hajar mountains and the clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, RAK Academy Family of Schools is based in Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Just one hour’s drive from Dubai International Airport and 20 minutes drive from Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, our schools provide British and IB curriculum to over 2700 students from over 97 different nationalities across its 5 campuses, each with its own unique character.

Job Purpose:

  • The Digital Transformation Manager leads digital transformation of Teaching and Learning in line with evolving tools, technologies, and pedagogical approaches.
  • The manager leads and supports the academy in integrating technology and innovation into the classroom, motivates and encourage staff and the leadership to develop and implement active engagement, inquiry, collaboration, and creation using a student-centred and cross-curricular approach.
  • The manager also provides a pivotal link between the IT technical and support departments and the academic use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, with responsibility to ensure that both elements work with congruity and alignment. The development and implementation of coherent policy and practice academy-wide around technology in learning is a core expectation in the role.

Leadership and Strategy:

  • Provide a cohesive vision and leadership for the integration of classroom instructional technologies in the primary and secondary schools of the academy.
  • Provide educational leadership, expertise and collaborative support in the creation and usage of effective digital learning environments across the academy.
  • Ensure the strategic direction of the academy and innovative practices in digital learning are implemented and utilized in a pedagogically effective manner by the teaching staff.
  • Define a digital learning structure to support specific teaching and learning strategies and requirements.
  • Define an integration strategy using the STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Art, Engineering, Mathematics) framework to ensure that appropriate cross-curricula links and the transition across grades are defined and are consistent across schools.
  • Define a knowledge management strategy for the purpose of creating, storing, searching, and accessing the information and content produced in the academy.
  • Advise the senior leadership and the board on strategic planning of the academy in digital learning, technology, computing, innovation, and knowledge management directions.
  • Promote effectively to bring enthusiasm for effective use of technology in teaching practice via different channels such as media and blogs.
  • Be continually informed regarding current developments in digital learning, technology, IT, and knowledge management in the context of primary and secondary education.
  • Manage the smooth integration of technologies embedded within learning, throughout the academy.

Tactical and Operational:

  • Define and incrementally rollout a project for introducing an LMS (Learning Management System) in the academy.
  • Develop and implement a plan to institute instructional design in the digital learning realm including training of the staff and an evaluation method for ongoing use.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor a cross-curricula integration framework and a plan to implement the framework.
  • Develop and implement a framework to integrate innovation in the teaching and learning threads of the academy across schools and across curricula (BC and IB).
  • Develop and enhance innovative approaches to curriculum design and implementation utilising digital learning technologies.
  • Promote and establish interdisciplinary approaches to promote deeper student learning through the use of digital learning environments.
  • Develop and implement the use of technology and of effective and accurate assessment methods across the academy.
  • Encourage and help learning strategies including flip-classroom, inquiry, and formative assessment through digital learning.
  • On a continuous basis, identify gaps in skills of the staff in digital learning and develop strategies and plans to address them through internal and external training.
  • Develop and implement a plan for the staff to adopt the use of innovation and modern technologies to enhance learning and to improve teaching.
  • Identify the knowledge that is critical to the academy, define knowledge categories, identify staff that are critical to the performance of the academy, and define a set of tools and processes to create, store, search, and access content and information.
  • Participate and encourage participation in forums, conferences, symposia, and networks locally and abroad.
  • Lead the IT technical and support teams to ensure technologies utilised support the aims of enhanced teaching and learning throughout the academy.

The successful candidate must have:

• An honor's degree and a post-graduate teaching qualification


• A degree in a computer-related field

• (A higher degree in technology or management is a plus).

• (Any specialist qualifications related to the remit will be considered a plus).

  • Ability and capability to lead and help staff in learning and integrating digital learning into teaching and learning.
  • Ability to think strategically while having an understanding and capability to work at operational and tactical levels in use of digital learning and applicable pedagogies across the academy.
  • Strong background in technology with an ability to apply this in practical ways to enhance teaching and learning
  • Ability to lead, influence, manage change while identifying and managing champions, supporters, and detractors.
  • Strong organization skills and ability to manage multiple concurrent projects while working with staff that is not in their line management.
  • Superb interpersonal skills in working with internal and external stakeholders to influence change to run necessary operation.
  • Skills in technology and complex IT infrastructure environment.
  • Skills in setting up blended learning with strong understanding oof learning management systems (such as Canvas, Google Classroom) and device platforms (tablets, laptops, desktops).

The school offers:

  • Tax-free salary including housing allowance.
  • Annual travel allowance for self, spouse and for up to two (2) dependent children aged 18 years and below.
  • Medical insurance for self, spouse and for up to two (2) dependent children aged 18 years and below.
  • Visas for self, spouse and for up to two (2) dependent children aged 18 years and below.
  • Free education for up to two (2) dependent children aged 18 years and below.
  • Access to our professional development opportunities.

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RAK Academy Family of Schools is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Applicants must have undergone a child protection screening to receive an offer of employment.

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