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Head of All-Through MFL

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Head of All-Through MFL

King Solomon Academy has consistently been one of the highest performing non-selective schools in the country. We are redefining what is possible and we are seeking an exceptional leader of MFL, ready to join the curriculum leadership team in our high-performing school and to contribute to the achieving of our mission. This is a unique opportunity to be part of showing what education can achieve. It is also unique because of the place MFL holds in our all-through school.

KSA aims to transform the lives of its pupils. Our mission is to provide a rigorous education that prepares our pupils for success at university and beyond, irrespective of their starting point. Our teachers and leaders do whatever it takes to make this a reality.

We are looking for a leader who has a vision for what an excellent MFL education would look like for pupils aged 3 to 18; a leader who is able to deliver that vision through excellent planning, coaching and teaching. This leader will also need to monitor and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of all the different strands of MFL education at King Solomon Academy. The leader must be ready to commit to leading an extensive extra-curricular MFL programme which will enrich the lives of our pupils and help prepare them for university and beyond. The ability to teach French and Spanish is essential.

All our pupils study French from Year 5 onwards, and make superb progress. We believe that our languages teaching is cutting-edge. With our all-through pupils we are confident that almost the entire year group will all achieve at least Grade 6 at GCSE, an impressive achievement given our school serves a deprived community with low attainment on entry. We welcome the arrival of an MFL leader who can learn from and build on what has already been achieved and motivate and inspire our exceptional team of MFL teachers.

French is brought to life at KSA by the engaging way it is taught. Our curriculum is rigorous and aims to deliver core knowledge and grammar through regular interleaving and repetition. Real world application permeates the curriculum: from exposure to authentic texts to learning about life in the trenches for a French soldier in World War 1. French is taught exclusively to the pupils at Key Stage 2 and 3, with Spanish introduced as an option in KS4. Being a pure all-through school, the Head of Department would be able to have the opportunity to lead the learning of languages in Primary also, where the foundation of language acquisition is laid down.

In recent years our outcomes in French and Spanish at GCSE have been strong. In last year’s results, with pupils who started French with us at Year 7, 52% of pupils achieved a 6 or higher, with 95% of our cohort sitting French GCSE. 20% of the cohort took Spanish, and 92% achieved an 7 or higher. We have a small but passionate provision at A-level in both French and Spanish, achieving well.

We are excited to offer the role of Head of All-Through MFL. This role will give the successful candidate the opportunity to build on the exceptional work and thinking of previous leaders and to push the frontiers of what is possible in languages teaching.

As a member of the curriculum leadership team, this role will require a leader who is 100% aligned to King Solomon Academy’s values, mission and approach. This role will provide the opportunity to be mentored and nurtured as a leader in one of the highest performing and most forward-thinking schools in the country.

To apply, follow the link at by 11am on Thursday 10 December 2020. For an informal conversation about the role, please contact Shaheen Riaz, at and 0207 563 6901.

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