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Head of Economics


The department

Economics is one of the largest A Level subjects at d’Overbroeck’s, with around 70-80 students taking the subject in each year group. The popularity of the subject has been built over the years, under the leadership of the current Head of Department, on the back of dynamic teaching and outstanding results. Typically, in recent years, about 70% of students have gained A*/A and over 90% A*-B grades. Although the subject has enjoyed significant exam success, we pride ourselves on not being exam-centric in our approach, but look to develop an understanding of the subject rather than just an expertise in how to pass exams. A sense of what we mean by this can be seen from the Economics teaching resources available on the Eduqas website, all of which were developed by the d’Overbroeck’s Economics department. As such, the successful candidate will join and lead a successful, well-established and well-resourced department, which currently comprises six teachers, four of whom also teach Business A Level. (Business has its own Head of Department, but the two departments work closely together and share many of their teachers.)

The role


The Head of Department will be the lead-teacher of Economics, teaching approximately a 75% timetable, alongside departmental leadership responsibilities. Teaching will be exclusively in the Sixth Form, although in future, the possibility of offering Economics as an IGCE at our International School may be considered. Classes in the sixth form are small (maximum of 10 students), which allows for a highly interactive and engaged style of teaching. Small class sizes enable teachers to gain a detailed understanding of each individual student’s strengths and needs and teachers offer a high level of support, both within and beyond the classroom. We value independence of thought above mere acquisition of knowledge, and although we seek to provide the best possible preparation for public exams we aim to do so in such a way as to foster real understanding and enjoyment of the material being studied. 

Beyond the timetabled lessons, the Economics department also offers support clinics; a variety of stretch and challenge opportunities, including Oxbridge preparation and participation in national competitions; visiting speaker events; and attendance at public lectures at the University.

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