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Head of Mathematics

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Teaching Opportunities with Wellington College in China

Wellington College China has schools in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin. Our schools, for pupils aged 2 to 18, are expanding rapidly, so we are looking for talented teachers in most subjects. We offer attractive packages and prioritise teachers’ professional and career development. The Wellington schools in China all have world-class facilities and resources.

Head of Mathematics

Wellington College Hangzhou


The post holder is accountable to the Head of Mathematics and Head of Secondary. 


• To strategically lead the Mathematics Department in regard to the teaching and learning and manage the resources and people within.


The Head of Mathematics is responsible for the following:

• The Health and Safety of all colleagues and students whilst in the Mathematics Department.  This includes the mental and physical wellbeing.

• The intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum in the Mathematics Department.

• The academic performance of the students, including the performance in external examinations, of subjects taught within the Mathematics Department.

• The behaviours and attitudes displayed by the students whilst in the Mathematics Department.

• The quality of provision.  This refers to both the teaching & learning and resources found within the Mathematics Department.

• The deployment of all staff, the appropriate delegation of tasks and the effective use of all finances.

• The implementation of all school policies, including those relating to behaviour, homework and assessment, in the best interests of the pupils. 

• The developments in the mathematics curriculum, ensuring that they are consistent with the College’s broader aims and policies and are in the best interests of the pupils.

• The evaluation of staff performance, academic standards and the personal development and well-being of the students, ensuring that it is effective.

• The planning and implementation of actions to address identified priorities.

• To ensure effective monitoring and communication with parents regarding academic progress and behaviour for learning both in line with school reporting procedures and in response to specific concerns as they arise.  

• To comply with the current policies and procedures of the College. 

• To display the Wellington Values at all times, either in school or in the wider community.


• The standards reached by all students and groups of students (including those with special needs, gifted and talented, and ability bands) in the curriculum area throughout each key stage.

• The standard of teaching & learning in the subject area.

• The effective use of resources.


• You are responsible for the wellbeing of both yourself and the colleagues under your leadership.  Any issues must be raised with your line manager immediately.

• Write the timetable for your department, making best use of the resources and staffing available.

• Put in place all necessary arrangements in employing new colleagues.  This will include writing all advertising material and organising interview days.

• Write the annual subject Action Plan, ensuring it feeds into the School Development Plan.

• Carry out all monitoring of the department, including teacher observations, work sampling, and ‘Drop-ins’.

• Write/oversee the production of all Schemes of Work/STP/MTP/LTP, ensuring they follow all accurate and appropriate guidelines towards IGCSE criteria.

• Support colleagues in dealing with behaviour incidents within the department, ensuring all follow the College’s processes.  This will include the regular analysis of ISAMS, ensuring departmental colleagues are recording issues correctly, setting sanctions and house points, and holding restorative conversations.

• Regularly meet with Head of Secondary to identify key marginal groups of students, and then ensure departmental colleagues set and complete appropriate interventions.

• Ensure all departmental colleagues attend all relevant generic CPD sessions/staff meetings/briefings and arrange for subject specific CPD opportunities when required.

• Organise/oversee the options process for Key Stage 4 for your subject, creating relevant resources and ensuring each evening is staffed appropriately.

• Attend/arrange for a departmental colleague to attend the Key Stage 4 results day (as appropriate) in August, ensuring students receive appropriate guidance and advice.

• Ensure all cover work is set appropriately and in a timely manner.  When a colleague is unable to set cover work this is then done, either by yourself or another department colleague, and that a member of the department is in attendance at the start of each lesson covered to ensure the covering teacher is supported.

• Lead by example when completing all break/am/pm duties.  Address any issues that might arise or that might be brought to your attention regarding members of your department.

• Ensure all teaching areas are well presented and organised.  All health and safety and ICT issues are immediately reported to the appropriate support team.

• Complete all staff appraisals in a timely and professional manner.  Ensure you have an input into all departmental colleagues’ appraisals, even though you may not line manage them.

• Monitor the setting of homework, house points and sanctions through ISAMS and TEAMS, and address any issues identified.

• Closely monitor CAPEX and OPEX budgets, ensuring that all resources are purchased in a timely manner, and that any major replacements of resources are highlighted and planned for.

• Highlight and recognise good practice and successes achieved within the subject area.  Address any underperformance and provide support to departmental colleagues when issues arise.

• Identify and run opportunities/trips for students to learn outside of the classroom.


• To achieve 100% IGCSE level 5 for all KS4 courses.

• To achieve a value-added score of 1.0 for the pupils.

• To achieve results in line with the school’s vision and expectations.


Education: Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate

Major: Mathematics or related education majors

Language: English speaker

EXPERIENCE : A minimum of 4 years working experience in teaching mathematics


 Knowledge of GCSE/IGCSE mathematics teaching


 Be able to assess pupils’ interests, needs and developments

 Be able to develop curriculum

 Display the Wellington Values

 Proficiency in Microsoft Office

 Cross-cultural working experience is preferred

Please email us your CV and cover letter with a photo to indicating the position you are applying for in the subject header.