Principal Designate/Director of Standards, Cornwall

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Launceston College Multi Academy TrustCornwall
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Contract type: Full Time
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Contract term: Permanent

The Principal Designate/Director of Standards Primary will work with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Launceston Multi Academy Trust (MAT), the Standards Director (Secondary) and the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Multi Academy Trust Board and the wider community. They will provide strategic professional leadership, vision and direction for Launceston College Primary Campus and across all Primary schools in Launceston College Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and have overall accountability for the direction and standards in each Primary school as directed by the CEO.

Responsible to: CEO of the Launceston Multi Academy Trust (MAT), Multi Academy Trust Board

The Principal Designate shall carry out the professional duties of a headteacher as described in the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document.

In particular, the Principal Designate shall:
Strategic Leadership

  • Build on the aims and principles set out by Launceston College MAT by engaging with pupils, parents and community stakeholders to generate enthusiasm and support for Launceston College Primary Campus
  • Develop and implement a Strategic Plan for the development of Launceston College Primary Campus
  • Oversee the development of the new Launceston College Primary Campus site
  • Develop models of education that raise pupil achievement and aspiration and provide first class opportunities for pupils on Launceston College Primary Campus
  • Challenge, motivate and empower staff and pupils to attain ambitious outcomes
  • Encourage innovation to support new ways of working and learning based on research
  • Ensure MAT -wide priorities are consistently and effectively implemented

Raising aspiration, achievement and attainment and securing progression

  • Create and reinforce the ethic of hard work, commitment to learning and personal integrity
  • Ensure that there is an effective system of pastoral care to support every pupil to reach their potential
  • Use assessment data to set and meet challenging targets for individual pupils and the Launceston College Primary Campus as a whole
  • Challenge practice to ensure a stimulating learning environment
  • Develop an inclusive and supportive approach so that the Launceston College Primary Campus is a place where all children feel welcome and have their needs met
  • Support pupils to define and achieve their aspirations, understanding opportunity locally and in wider society

Leading Learning and Teaching

  • Establish a broad and balanced core curriculum in line with MAT curriculum intent
  • Establish creative, responsive and effective learning and teaching in all curriculum areas, in line with MAT learning and teaching intent
  • Develop a personalised curriculum model that ensures the maximisation of opportunity and the stretching of all pupils to meet their individual need
  • Create a culture of challenge, support and high expectations
  • Use pupil performance data to guide to inform discussions as required

Developing Self and Working with Others

  • Foster a culture in which everyone within Launceston College Primary Campus feels able to make a constructive contribution to the life and work of the school
  • Develop a culture of personal responsibility that recognises both excellence and supports appropriate strategies to deal with under performance
  • Ensure a high standard of professional development for all staff and for self
  • Work with all staff to build effective teams
  • Work closely with feeder nursery schools, local secondary schools, and others to generate a strong sense of mutual support in realising the Launceston College Primary Campus vision

Leading and Managing Launceston College Primary Campus

  • Lead by example and be personally visible and committed to the values of the Launceston College Primary Campus 
  • Establish and develop a leadership profile within the wider community of MAT schools to deliver the Launceston College Primary Campus  vision
  • Effectively deploy the required level of staff to realise the Launceston College Primary Campus vision
  • Operate a suitable recruitment and retention policy for all staff
  • Implement a firm and fair performance management framework for all staff
  • Ensure the Launceston College Primary Campus learning environment is of a high standard
  • Ensure effective use of financial, technological and other resources
  • Ensure Launceston College Primary Campus meets all legal, safeguarding and health and safety requirements

Securing Accountability:

  • Work with the local governing body to enable them to fulfil their delegated responsibilities
  • Work within the remit of Launceston Multi Academy Trust Scheme of Delegated Authority
  • Ensure all staff have clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Secure robust Launceston College Primary Campus  self-evaluation and quality assurance procedures
  • Establish mechanisms for reporting to all key stakeholders at agreed intervals.

Leading in the Community through Collaboration:

  • Create and maintain effective partnerships with parents/carers and key stakeholders
  • Safeguard and develop the positive image of Launceston College Primary Campus  in the wider community
  • Develop the Launceston College Primary Campus extended school provision

Director of Standards (Primary) Launceston College Multi Academy Trust

The Director of Standards will take strategic responsibility for primary school improvement across the MAT.

Working with the CEO

  • If required, deputise for the CEO in their absence.
  • Provide reports for the MAT Board and Local Governing Bodies on progress in Primary schools across the MAT.
  • Investigate and evaluate local and national strategies to accelerate improvement across the MAT and in individual Primary schools
  • Work to publicise the MAT and develop its local and national profile, creating or sustaining links with external organisations
  • To work with the CEO to develop/maintain the strategic vision for the MAT
  • To ensure that the performance of all Primary schools in the MAT is at least Good or better
  • To lead, motivate and inspire everyone within the Primary schools to deliver its aim and follow its principles
  • To translate the aims and principles of the MAT into agreed objectives and operational plans in collaboration with the leaders in each Primary school and the CEO
  • To lead in building the reputation and public profile of the Primary schools within the MAT

Teaching and Learning

  • To lead in the use of data to ensure that across all Primary schools in the MAT to ensure that data is used to identify strengths and weaknesses and that improvement planning is used to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses
  • To monitor, challenge, review and hold to account each Primary school and in doing so achieve agreed outcomes
  • To create a culture within which under-performance is challenged at all levels

Self and others

  • Lead the dissemination and sharing of best practice across the Primary schools
  • To embody the culture of high expectations as a model for all those in the MAT
  • Demonstrate the attributes of self-reflection and ongoing learning

The organisation

  • To ensure equity and transparency in all aspects of the organisation across the Primary schools within the MAT
  • Provide support for, and extend the capacity of, the leadership of the Primary schools
  • Nurture and grow the talent within the Primary schools to the benefit of the MAT and the Primary schools themselves.
  • Recruit high quality staff and deploy them appropriately within the Primary schools across the MAT.


  • To stand accountable to the CEO for the performance of all Primary schools in the MAT.
  • To support a climate across the MAT which enables collaboration
  • To ensure individual staff accountabilities are clearly defined, understood agreed and recorded
  • To hold to account the Primary Principals in the MAT for the performance of their schools
  • To work with the CEO to enable the central MAT team to meet their statutory responsibilities
  • To be accountable to the CEO for the financial and physical resources and the statutory requirements relating to them

Undertake any other duties as directed by the MAT

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