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Private IndividualRiyadh

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Contract type: Full Time
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract term: Fixed Term

An enthusiastic, able and experienced female educator is required for an exciting one-year role starting in September 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter (with the possibility of extending the contract). The role involves tutoring wonderfully polite and curious children: twin boys aged 5.5, and a 4.5 year old girl. This will be after school for 3 school days, and at the weekends. The position is based in Riyadh, KSA during term time only. The teacher will be required to travel at every school holiday and possibly at the weekends too. The position is designed to ensure the children are covering the British curriculum in preparation for top-flight schools on their return to the UK for the 11+ Common Entrance examinations.


The tutor will have the following essential qualifications and experiences:

  • Teaching qualification
  • Near-fluent English proficiency
  • Proficient in a second language
  • Experience working with pupils in KS2
  • A keen interest in Culture, Arts and Travel

Due to the high number of applicants, we kindly ask that you carefully consider your suitability for the role before making an application. Those who do not hold the above-mentioned essential qualifications and experiences will not be contacted.


The students are 5.5 year old twin boys, and a 4.5 year old girl. They are polite, energetic and curious about the world in which they find themselves. They generally get on well together, but as with most children of their age, very occasional sibling rivalries do surface. These are generally easy to manage and don’t last long.

The children enjoy horseback riding, football, tennis and music as extracurricular activities provided by their school. The boys play taekwondo and the girl ballet. In addition to this, they are encouraged to consume their time in creative play with one another rather than resorting to electronic entertainment. This however does not rule out technology as part of their home schooling, but does mean that the children are not encouraged to consume their time in digital entertainment. They are not afraid to try new activities and develop existing skills, and this must be facilitated by the Tutor in engaging ways.

The children have not displayed any SEN issues, but one twin has a naturally louder personality. It is expected that the Tutor is sensitive to this and ensures that all the children are given both time and space to express their voice confidently, but also sensitively to the needs of others.

The family have currently been travelling between London and Riyadh, and so their educational trajectory has not enjoyed a stable continuum. From September 2017, the children will be enrolled at an American school in Riyadh. As the family intend for the children to return to the UK for their secondary education, it is imperative that the Tutor works on bridging the gaps between the American and British system immediately.

Contractual Details:

Duration:  Until September 31, 2018 with potential extension
Hours:  about 32-35 hours per week during term time; 45 hours maximum during holidays
Accommodation:  Provided including utility bills and Internet. Excluding personal phone bill
Driver and car:  Provided for work purposes when in Saudi Arabi
Paid holiday:  Paid

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