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Salary: EUR €143,999 - €144,000 per year (€144,000 per annum, pro rated)
Contract term: Fixed Term

The Students

The girl is 15 and currently attends the Munich International School with her 12 year old brother.  Under normal circumstances, she would be going into Y9 (UK Y10) in September 2020.  However, since she has not been on the GCSE path, and it being a non-natural entry point, finding a place will not be easy.  One option is that she stay down a year and enter into Y9 if a place is available, but this has some social consequences that are not ideal.  Another option is that she remains at MIS while a Tutor works with her to bring her up to the standard of her UK peers in preparation for A levels from the beginning of Y12.

The girl has strong dyslexia, with a particular weakness in processing, and is receiving regular speech therapy for several years.  She is self-aware and knows her strengths and limitations.  She is personable and works hard.  She can feel that this year several of her subjects have started to make much more sense.  Her favourite subjects are history and mathematics, but there is a question of whether these are the right subjects for her continued study, as she struggles with reading and the language-based learning in maths proves problematic.

The goal is for her are to raise her grades to above a 5 average, to determine whether this is feasible within the current GCSE schedule or whether an additional year is required, and then subsequently to help her decide her best choices for A levels. 

The older boy is 12 and would be going into German Y9 in September 2020.  He is showing some dyslexic tendencies but hasn’t been officially diagnosed.  He has the same challenge of adjusting to a new education system with different academic requirements.  He is a bright boy who hasn’t yet learned how to learn efficiently. He describes himself as having a photographic memory but that he doesn’t perform well in tests no matter how well he thinks he has prepared for them.  In conversation, he revealed that actually his more secure learning style is aural – this obviously lends itself well to the work of a Tutor who can question him verbally and ensure that his knowledge is secure. The objective would be to bring his grades up to an average of 6.

The younger boy is 5 and attends a local kindergarten.  In Germany, early childhood education omits most of the number and reading development of the statutory Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS) of the UK.  So even he is ill-prepared for a move to the UK.  At present he doesn’t recognise his letters or numbers, let alone starting any reading or writing skills.  It is possible that he has the most work to do, to in order to become ready for the move, than either of his siblings.  However, he is a bright boy and will very likely catch up quickly.

Role of the Tutor

The Tutor’s main focus will be on the girl, although they will work with all three children.  The Tutor’s working week will be Sundays through Thursdays.  Their likely start of the day will be to collect the youngest boy from kindergarten and play/learn with him until it is time to collect the older two from MIS.  

The Tutor will the collect the older children and effectively start working with them in the car through dialogue about the day and recap of how tests and subjects have been that day.  Once home, the Tutor will work with the girl and older boy, separately, ensuring that their homework has been done efficiently.  The Tutor will then work with the children to backfill gaps between the MYP and UK curricula, and to help the children get ahead with the studies at the Munich school.  Obviously, there is a lot to be done, with subject knowledge and study skills, so the Tutor will likely not finish each evening until 8pm or 9pm.  The children have sports training after school on some days and the Tutor will be expected to work flexibly around these activities.

In addition to the academic aspects, there is also a requirement that the Tutor helps out in general with the children.  There may be some elements of childcare, particularly with the youngest, including feeding and bathing him, and putting him to bed on occasion.  Some help with household chores such as dropping off a package, or doing a bit of shopping is also expected

In the summer, the family travel and may decide to take the Tutor with them so that their learning can continue uninterrupted.  The likely destinations are Ireland or the US, but nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor should be available to the family for an average of 40 hours contact time per week.  During term time, the Tutor will have Friday and Saturday off as their ‘weekend’.  During vacation periods, it is likely that the weekends will normally be on Saturday and Sunday.  Travel days that occur on the Tutor’s day off will not count as working days, but the Client will not take advantage of this and will look for ways to offer some other time off to compensate the Tutor.

The normal nine weeks per annum paid vacation entitlement applies to this contract in accordance with the Terms.

Accommodation and Travel 

While in Munich, the Tutor will be given furnished housing near the family’s home.  Apart from the Tutor’s personal telephone use, the Client will cover all bills on this accommodation.  Meals taken with the family will be covered by the Client.  All other meals will be at the Tutor’s personal expense.  The Client will provide a vehicle for the Tutor for reasonable local use.

When travelling, the Tutor will be given their own room if the family are staying at a hotel, and as far as possible will not be housed with the family though there may be occasions when this is not possible.  If this happens, the Tutor will still always have his or her own bedroom.


The successful candidate will offer more than the minimum requirements of this position.  She or he will be an excellent educator and a good role model: enthusiastic about their subjects, professional but also personable, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor must be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.  It is essential the Tutor can drive.

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