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The family have four children, three of whom need tuition.  The family are relocating from Munich to Varese from March 2021.  The eldest boy (13) and girl (10) are the initial focus of this full-time search, whilst the younger boy (6) may also benefit from some Early Years input, before commencing 1st Grade next autumn. 

Following their elementary education at a Grundschule, the elder two have continued their studies in the German system, currently at a Gymnasium (secondary school), which offers a wide range of academic subjects, including Latin.  Expectations at German Gymnasium schools, especially in southern German states, are rigorous in terms of academic achievement, promoting further study and preparing students for university. 

The elder boy is in 8th Grade and is a competent, independent student who generally enjoys school.  Once underconfident in maths, he currently portrays no evident struggles in his studies and works hard across the board.  When the family eventually move to Italy on a permanent basis, the children will likely attend The European School in Varese, which offers mother tongue tuition in five languages, including English.  In fact, he may transfer completely to the English system.  He would, therefore, benefit from a guided transitional period of study to accustom him to the English curriculum, whilst also maintaining German input. 

The boy displays an artistic flair, showing a strong appreciation of music and especially singing (although he is currently disenfranchised with it).  He also enjoys playing board games and cards with his siblings, with whom, occasional disputes naturally arise.  The children all enjoy drawing and are interested in a range of sports, including tennis, skiing, ice skating and swimming. 

A keen dancer and gymnast, the girl shares artistic interests with her elder brother and would like to take up sewing in the future.  They would also like to learn to play chess and to explore various history topics in greater detail.  She is currently in 6th Grade and is facing some academic challenges.  Although hard to admit, she is experiencing some difficulties in reading and writing.  This may be due to lack of confidence and, therefore, would benefit from a patient, caring teacher who could identify any weaknesses and offer clear solutions and supporting resources. 

Despite having only attended Kindergarten thus far, the younger boy is already showing signs of insecurity at school. He is afraid of failing and requires the attention of a positive teacher and mentor to motivate and teach in a fun, interactive and relaxed atmosphere. 

Role of the Tutor

The ideal Tutor for this role will boast a wealth of expertise across a wide spectrum of subjects and age ranges.  He or she will need to plan their time efficiently to ensure a positive learning experience for all three children, whilst nurturing confidence and providing rewarding challenges.  It is imperative to instil a general love of learning and to encourage independence and autonomy of private study as well. 

The two elder children are at delicate stages of their learning journeys in terms of confidence, whilst the boy may be about to embark on an entirely new system. The Tutor must cater for all individual needs and meticulously plan and deliver bespoke material for each student. Through the promotion of enjoyment and success in learning, the children will become well-equipped to return to a traditional classroom further into the year and in turn, become well-rounded individuals ready to cope with a range of situations in later life.

The elder boy’s talent for music should not be underestimated.  He has enormous potential but a too-disciplined and intensive approach has resulted in a temporary disinterest.  It is essential that music – for the fun alone – be a central skill of the Tutor.  One of the pathways being considered for his’s ongoing education is a move to a top English private boarding school, such as St Pauls or Westminster, where his abilities can be properly developed.  The tutoring role therefore starts with all three children while they are home-schooled and settling into new schools but will continue afterwards with this wider-ranging ambition in mind.  It is possible – perhaps even likely – that there will need to be a change of Tutor over the summer.

All three students should be encouraged to read and write more extensively, therefore, a well-read and passionate Tutor will serve as great inspiration to enthuse writing composition and foster a love of reading. They will discourage screen time, limiting it only to necessary, educational purposes. 

With four children in total and busy, demanding jobs, the family lead an eventful lifestyle, which can be hectic at times.  However, an able Tutor will take this in their stride and adapt accordingly, including when travelling, to optimise geographical locations and access to diverse resources. 

Hours and Holidays

Tuition time will typically engage an average of 40 hours contact time per a week, with preparation time in addition.  It is likely that the school timetable will resemble that of a standard Monday-Friday week, however, the Tutor will be mindful of any changes in schedule, be they travel-related or otherwise. 

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, which will likely occur at weekends, despite not always being guaranteed in their timing.  The Client will strive to give up to two weeks’ notice of any planned changes. 

Accommodation and Travel 

When in Sweden and Italy, the Tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation within 15 minutes from the family's home and designated schoolroom.  Apart from the Tutor’s personal telephone bill, the Client will cover all other costs.  If necessary, the Client will provide a vehicle for the Tutor for reasonable local use.


The successful candidate will offer more than the minimum requirements of this position.  They will uphold excellent academic standards, and provide an environment for both learning and fun.  They will be a positive role model and inspire the love of a range of subjects.  Ideally, they will be confident in other languages spoken by the family, which include Swedish and Hungarian, in addition to the aforementioned English, German and Italian elements.

The Tutor must be a fit and healthy non-smoker, hopefully able to instruct or partake in the array of sports enjoyed by the children. 

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