Kemi Badenoch appointed children’s minister

Nadhim Zahawi’s replacement joins Gavin Williamson, Nick Gibb, Lord Agnew and Jo Johnson at the DfE
28th July 2019, 10:17am


Kemi Badenoch appointed children’s minister
Kemi Badenoch. ( Chris Mcandrew / Uk Parliament, (license Https:// )

Kemi Badenoch has been named children and families minister as part of Boris Johnson’s government reshuffle.

It follows Wednesday’s appointment of Gavin Williamson as the new education secretary, after Damian Hinds returned to the backbenches.

She replaces Nahdim Zahawi, who was moved to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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Two other key DfE ministers - Nick Gibb and Lord Agnew - have retained their roles.

Ms Badenoch joined the House of Commons as MP for Saffron Walden in 2017.

Her portfolio at the DfE includes special educational needs, including high-needs funding, safeguarding in schools and disadvantaged children, as well as social mobility and opportunity areas.

On Thursday, Boris Johnson used his first parliamentary appearance as prime minister to repeat his leadership campaign pledge to boost school funding by £4.6 billion, and to increase the minimum per-pupil funding for primary and secondary schools.

However, he ignored a call to say when schools will be told the details of their funding so that they can plan ahead.

Photo: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament / license

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