35 pictures that'll remind you of your school days

Wallpaper on books! Compass graffiti! We look back on the archetypal images of a British education back in the day
23rd January 2021, 8:00am
Joshua Lowe


35 pictures that'll remind you of your school days

35 Photos That Will Remind You Of Your School Days

Earlier this week, Twitter user Michael Daniels asked people to share photos of British school life. 


He got more than 4,000 responses, with images and anecdotes of the weird and wonderful world of UK education.

1. GCP revision guides and study books

I'll start pic.twitter.com/4UkaOnq7am

- Michael Daniels (@MichaelDaniels_) January 15, 2021


 2. Lily Allen shares her thoughts

January 17, 2021pic.twitter.com/wnjuL6kPvk

- LILYALLEN2.0 (@lilyallen) January 16, 2021

3. School desserts


- Ersatz (@Ersatz_F) January 17, 2021

4. Tricolore Total

(I'm not sure if this is what the cover actually looked like as I had to cover my copy in a piece of wallpaper for homework in week 1!) pic.twitter.com/xdqNu0BPQr

- Karen Wespieser MBE (@KarenWespieser) January 17, 2021

 5. These ropes (the bane of many lives)

X pic.twitter.com/2IBHydDWkR

- Shobna Gulati ? (@ShobnaGulati) January 16, 2021

6. PE kits have come a long way 

Girls' navy PE kit in the 70's and 80's. No shorts allowed- these were all that were needed. Who made that rule? pic.twitter.com/bOp8lTLwuw

- Janet Woolnough (@Woolnough1) January 17, 2021

7. This guy 

Please someone tell me they remember this... Or was it all in my head?? ?? pic.twitter.com/lj7uvcqXfZ

- D ? (@DomFord1) January 17, 2021

 8. French skipping


- Anne Kinahan (@AnneKinahan) January 19, 2021

9. Everyone loved this teacher 


- B-List at Capital (@BListAtCapital) January 16, 2021

10. Freezing swimming pool

Our school swimming pool. pic.twitter.com/nSuiuKp9wh

- Jon (@samuriinbred) January 16, 2021

11. Belting out the bangers from this 

Every assembly pic.twitter.com/h4DPgGJl8S

- Francesca Anderson (@FranAn_Actress) January 16, 2021

12. Tagging time

Scratching your name into one of these bad boys with a compass - happy days! pic.twitter.com/PPZZ4UqXM9

- Joanna Di-Bella (@JoannaDiBella) January 17, 2021

13. These elite pens


- Imy (@Imy_85) January 17, 2021

14. Footballs that turned to concrete in the rain


- ⚡️j a k e. (@jakeoshea96) January 17, 2021

15.  Health and safety nightmare

Jumping over these ancient antiquities pic.twitter.com/EzrjzWYO21

- Emma Reynolds ? (@EmmaIllustrate) January 16, 2021

16. Whoever sold these benches had the market cornered

Only year 6 were allowed on these and you felt like royalty ? pic.twitter.com/NH62M2N9UV

- Jonny Lewis?️‍? (@LGBT_Collector) January 15, 2021

17.  Did these actually help with handwriting?

Waiting all year for "A Pen Licence" pic.twitter.com/YPgtP6xNIs

- mark shelley (@_markshelley) January 16, 2021

 18. 'Temporary classrooms'

Temporary classrooms that were anything but. pic.twitter.com/KUq3oa1eh9

- Heather (@Hedzie) January 17, 2021

19. 'Traumatising'

Stitting in the hall with the whole school in the dark to watch these films on a reel to reel. Still traumatised today (especially about the one on a building site) pic.twitter.com/4SdEXZ0wjl

- Katherine Jones (@glasgow_kat) January 17, 2021

 20. Jam and rice pudding

From the olden days, when we still gave schoolchildren food.
(Pic h/t @CommodoreBlog) pic.twitter.com/aIa3PZ41Rb

- Susie Symes (@susiesymes1) January 17, 2021

 21. Maypoles


- Claire Bills :raising_hand: (@clairelbills) January 17, 2021

22. British bulldogs

Who didn't love a bit of Bulldog! pic.twitter.com/lTFICrfkXt

- Chris Thomas - Working from a Bloomin Boxroom ? (@cmthomas1980) January 16, 2021

23. Selling these 

Flogging these bad boys 50p a go pic.twitter.com/4jdvW3JaOj

- Conor_Moughton24 (@moughton24) January 17, 2021

24. Losing the lids was a nightmare

Basically the Swiss Army Knife ?? pic.twitter.com/VlW8LBg9YF

- Rich (@richieday85) January 17, 2021

25. Big Trak

BigTrak! Deemed educational enough to have running around our classroom in the mid-1980s, but nobody else seems to remember it. pic.twitter.com/QByqCVPIFf

- Urban Pictures (@Urban_Pictures) January 17, 2021

26. School wouldn't be complete without these...


- Simon (@backtothewater) January 15, 2021

27.  Something wicked this way comes

Being forced to watch Macbeth (Judi Dench & Ian McKellen) over and over again for English Literature O' level in the 80s ? pic.twitter.com/oSaGHsVdRX

- RHÔNE??☘? (@QueenRhone) January 17, 2021

28. Life education centres

I hope these weren't just in my area because this was the most exciting thing that happened at my primary school pic.twitter.com/kqos3ujAk8

- Connor (@Connor_Cashmore) January 16, 2021

29. Strange pencil cases

The pencil case with a million different compartments pic.twitter.com/U4wwQnMF9u

- GG (@XXGeorgie78XX) January 16, 2021

30. The cure for all sicknesses


- Edweign (@edweign) January 16, 2021

31. Jungle gyms

Sat at the back of the hall, never used pic.twitter.com/eGG2xZ6r9o

- bea (@itrainedflowers) January 17, 2021

32. Pogs

I was struggling to find a photo for the playground "game" British Bulldogs, or as my class called it Frenchie. So settled for Pogs instead pic.twitter.com/vlWwwm4TvK

- Donna??????? (@Apar3cium) January 17, 2021

33. VO5 got involved


- VO5 (@VO5) January 18, 2021

34.  Only certain kids owned these


- Lawrence Monk?❤️ (@trendylefty) January 17, 2021

35. Conkers!

Haven't seen a single Conker pic yet. Primary school in autumn was amazing. pic.twitter.com/wDuDLkO8FW

- Cameron McGrath (@camgottaplan) January 17, 2021

Send us your photos if we've missed anything at @tes.

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