Claire Lotriet

43 thoughts upon trying out Minecraft for the first time

Educational gold mine or technological minefield? A Minecraft virgin finds out...

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1. It feels wrong that I’ve never played Minecraft. I write about ed tech!

2. I’ll write a column about it – that will make me do it…

3. There must be something in it: the children at school who love it, really love it, don’t they?

4. Right. Guess I’ll just Google it.

5. Will I have to pay? Silly question.

6. Download and install or subscribe to an online realm. Realm?

7. What would be ideal is if I could trial this somehow without having to part with any money (I’m such a teacher).

8. What option do I actually want here? Aha, there’s the help button.

9. So, realms are always online ...

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