Charlotte Noon & Martin Noon

Are timed exams really the best way to assess students?


Research shows that having students take exams under timed conditions may not be the fairest or most accurate way to assess what they have learned. So, in light of the current exam hiatus, Charlotte Noon and Martin Noon ponder if now might be a good time to change the system

Are timed exams really the best way to assess students?

When was the last time that you had to complete a complex task under strict timed conditions? It’s not a situation most adults find themselves in on a regular basis because strict time limits are rarely placed on the work we do.

Where there are time limits, deadlines will usually be discussed and will be days, weeks or even months into the future, providing us with time to carefully process information, plan, draft and redraft. Most agree that this is a good thing: it ensures better, more accurate results and it is fairer to those involved, too.

When it comes to students being assessed ...

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