Steve Eddison

Beeping fire alarm ruined my beeping night’s sleep

This teacher finds one child’s hyperactivity difficult to cope with after a disagreement with a smoke alarm robbed him of precious sleep the night before

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McCartney’s hyperactivity isn’t why I’m exhausted; it’s because the smoke alarm at the bottom of our stairs chose to wake me up in the dead of night. If it had been to tell me that the house was on fire, I wouldn’t have minded, but it was only to let me know that it had a low battery.

There I was in the middle of a deeply satisfying sleep when an annoying little beep crept into the bedroom and prodded me awake.

I’m not using “beep” in place of an obscenity, although obscenities were in my thoughts. They were eventually joined by some other words and, in the fullness of time, formed a plan. It ...

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